Military plane crash in Russia kills three

Military plane crash in Russia kills three

Prototype of military transport aircraft Il-112 crashes in Moscow Oblast during test flight

News Service AA

A prototype of the Russian military transport plane Il-112 crashed in Russia on Tuesday, killing a crew of three people, the aircraft's production company said.

The incident took place during a test flight at Kubinka airfield in the Moscow Oblast region, about 61 km from the capital Moscow, the United Aircraft Corporation said in a statement.

The plane exploded after the fall and completely disintegrated, the statement added.

"During a training flight, an Il-112B, light military transport aircraft crashed during landing near the Kubinka airfield in the forest belt. According to preliminary data, three crew members were killed. There are no survivors," it said.

The plane's right engine fire is considered to be the principal cause of the incident.

Il-112 is a high-wing light military transport aircraft being developed by Ilyushin Aviation Complex for air landing and airdrop of military air cargoes, equipment and personnel.


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