Hungary calls on EU to support Turkey in fighting irregular migration

Hungary calls on EU to support Turkey in fighting irregular migration

EU must help Turkey on return of Syrian migrants to their homeland, says Hungary's foreign minister

News Service AA

Hungary's foreign minister on Monday called on the EU to support Turkey in its fight against irregular migration.

“The EU must aid Turkey to help as many Syrian migrants as possible return to their homeland. If Turkey is hit by further migrant waves, it will be harder to maintain the 2016 agreement,” Peter Szijjarto told a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels, referring to a March 2016 migrant deal between Turkey and the EU.

Szijjarto warned that the EU would lose all weight in the region unless the bloc radically changes its “failed” policy in Africa and the Middle East.

The EU must also strive to allow the return of Syrian and Libyan migrants to their homelands, stop migration from those countries, and stem migrants’ transit through them, he said.

Brussels should also launch security, economic, and healthcare development projects in the Middle East and Africa rather than “inspiring further waves of migration," Szijjarto added.

* Writing by Zehra Nur Duz in Ankara.


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