Film on Iranian female athletes to be released Sunday

Film on Iranian female athletes to be released Sunday

Laleh’ narrates legal, bureaucratic, social barriers faced by female athletes

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"Laleh," a movie about problems Iranian female athletes face, will come to the big screen this weekend.

Shooting began in 2010 and lasted 10 years because of obstacles.

It tells the life story of Iran's first female rally champion Laleh Seddigh.

It narrates the legal, bureaucratic and social barriers faced by Iranian women engaged in sports.

The movie will be shown to an audience beginning March 21, director Asadullah Niknejad told Anadolu Agency.

“During the shooting process, we faced problems stemming from social issues. In the past years, we have struggled to solve these problems and finally accomplished a result,” said Niknejad.

Lead actress Sara Emiri said: “We had competitors. There was a lot of polemic going on around the movie. This project had many enemies. There were those who did everything to harm this project.”

“This movie will be our voice. We bend our efforts to complete the production. Our experiences and the subject covered in the movie are very similar,” Emiri added.

*Writing by Zehra Nur Duz


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