EU warns Russia of action over cyberattacks

EU warns Russia of action over cyberattacks

EU foreign policy chief calls on Russia to stop cyberattacks against European security, democracy

News Service AA

The European Union Friday accused Russia of targeting the bloc with cyberattacks, and threatened to take further action against Moscow.

In a statement released on behalf of EU members, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell condemned the cyberattacks by ghostwriters against various European political actors.

He pointed out that these malicious cyber activities are “associated with the Russian state” and called them unacceptable since they target European security and “attempt to undermine our democratic institutions and processes, including by enabling disinformation and information manipulation.”

“We urge the Russian Federation to adhere to the norms of responsible state behavior in cyberspace,” he pointed out.

Borrell called on Russia to immediately stop the attacks, implying that the bloc is mulling “further steps” against Moscow.

Earlier this month, the German Foreign Ministry blamed Russia’s military secret service for launching a cyber campaign against German lawmakers and government officials, and the German federal prosecutor office started an official investigation.

Germany holds federal parliamentary elections on Sunday.


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