EU ready to move forward on security, defense policy

EU ready to move forward on security, defense policy

EU foreign ministers agree to take more responsibility for bloc’s security

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EU foreign ministers on Monday expressed commitment to move forward in strengthening the bloc’s defense and security policy.

“The Council [of the EU] remains determined to move forward with the implementation of the Union’s security and defense agenda in order to take more responsibility for its security,” said the conclusions adopted by EU foreign ministers.

The document was agreed by the ministers who are holding an in-person meeting in Brussels.

The ministers highlighted the importance of developing the bloc’s capacity to act autonomously in security and defense issues.

For this purpose, Josep Borrell, the bloc’s top diplomat, was tasked to present a draft report on the so-called “Strategic Compass” by November that defines what kind of role the EU would be willing to play in the international relations.

The Strategic Compass is meant to address the global and regional threats, conflicts in the bloc’s closest neighborhood, as well as risks posed by state and non-state actors.

The document is expected to be adopted in March 2022.

The foreign ministers also acknowledged that the reform of decision-making in security and defense matters could be taken into consideration so the process became more efficient and timelier.

Besides their commitment towards a more autonomous EU security policy, the ministers stressed that the bloc’s partnership with UN and NATO stayed central.

The EU’s security and defense policy has been centered around crisis management over the past years, with an active engagement in peace-keeping operations and conflict prevention.

Since 2017, the EU has been reviewing its approach to security and defense policies with the aim to make the bloc a more important player in international relations.


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