Death toll from Indonesia's Semeru volcano eruption rises to 14

Death toll from Indonesia's Semeru volcano eruption rises to 14

Volcano resumes spewing lava, thick smoke as rescue teams cease operation due to unfavorable conditions, according to local media

News Service AA

The death toll from the Semeru volcano eruption in Indonesia's East Java state has risen to 14, according to local media, which also reported that the volcano has resumed spewing lava and thick smoke.

Rescue teams were forced to cease their activities due to unfavorable conditions induced by the re-eruption, the media reported quoting local officials.

The Semeru Volcano Observatory issued a warning to residents in the surrounding areas, asking them to leave.

Indonesia's national disaster agency said at least 27 people are still missing while dozens have been injured.

Mt. Semeru, which stands 3,676 meters (over 12,000 feet) above sea level, previously erupted in December 2020 and January this year.

Indonesia, an archipelago home to nearly 275 million people, sits along the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” an area with several fault lines, making it prone to frequent volcanic activity and earthquakes.


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