China releases ‘fact sheet’ on US ‘interference’ in Hong Kong

China releases ‘fact sheet’ on US ‘interference’ in Hong Kong

Beijing says Washington ‘supported’ anti-China forces besides colliding with allies to exert pressure on China

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China on Friday released a “fact sheet” on alleged US interference in Hong Kong which has seen electoral and administrative changes since the 2019 anti-government demonstrations.

Beijing called the US interference “support for anti-China, destabilizing forces”.

It declared the US Congress enacting Hong Kong-related acts as “vilifying”, “meddling in Hong Kong affairs, and wantonly interfering in China’s internal affairs.”

In the detailed over 7000-word fact sheet which has 102 "examples" of the "interference", the Chinese Foreign Ministry has noted all the statements and actions that Washington has taken after the semi-autonomous region under China was rocked by demonstrations after a now-trashed extradition bill was about to be taken up for discussion.

But after pro-democracy protests in 2019 following a bill that could have allowed criminals to be extradited to mainland China, Beijing stepped up its influence.

In July 2020, it passed a National Security Law and has now introduced a new election system.

China’s National People's Congress (NPC) brought changes to the electoral system in Hong Kong early in March following which the NPC Standing Committee adopted the amendments to the Basic Law that governs relations between China and Hong Kong on March 30.

Beijing in the fresh documents also called out sanctions imposed by Washington on Chinese officials, terming it “an attempt to obstruct the implementation in Hong Kong of the Hong Kong National Security Law and relevant decisions of NPC.”

Former US President Donald Trump had also revoked “special status and preferential economic treatment” for Hong Kong.

Besides, then-US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had also announced “immediate end of exports of US defense equipment to Hong Kong and restrictions on exports of US defense and dual-use technologies to Hong Kong.”

China said the US made “unfounded charges against Hong Kong affairs and law enforcement actions” taken by Hong Kong police in an attempt to “undermine Hong Kong's prosperity and stability.”

The document said the US “shielded and supported” those who are “opposed to China and attempt to destabilize” Hong Kong.

“(The US) provided platforms for them to advocate Hong Kong independence and spread political disinformation, and justifying the acts of those lawbreakers by twisting facts and misleading the public,” it said.

Beijing accused Washington of allegedly colluding with some countries to “exert pressure, and teaming up with allies to interfere in Hong Kong affairs and make irresponsible comments by such means as joint statements.”


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