Turkey's ‘drone killer’ makes maiden flight

Turkey's ‘drone killer’ makes maiden flight

Unique anti-drone product able to fly to altitudes of 5,000 meters

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A new Turkish defense product known as the "drone killer" has successfully completed its first flight.

The drone killer known as Fedai was developed for neutralizing combat drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

It is being showcased as part of SAHA Expo, a major Turkish defense event which began on Wednesday in Istanbul.

The four-day expo is showcasing Turkish defense products including UAVs, weapons, radar systems, and land and naval vehicles.

Guray Ali Canli, the head of the firm Transvaro, which makes Fedai, said it took its first flight this October.

He stressed that there is a strong foreign demand for the product and that they are preparing to meet this demand.

The first 10 specimens of the carbon-made drone-killer were manufactured through mass production, he said.

The firm prepared a five-vehicle concept for the product, including one vehicle for the control system, other one for radar, thermal camera, and jammer, and three vehicles for multi-launchers.

The firm developed two types of the product, Fedai 101 and Fedai 102, the latter – created at the request of a Southeast Asian country – able to fly at an altitude of 5,000 meters (16,400 feet).

The 102 is longer and heavier than the 101 but has more flight time capacity and explosive material, he said.

In fact, customers see Fedai as a low-altitude air defense system, not just a drone-killer, he said.

Unique design

He also stressed that the product is equipped with a camera, lidar, and thermal camera.

“It’s 100% carbon, a feature that’s unique in the world,” he added.

Canli explained that the anti-drone can currently be launched from multi-launcher and launcher tubes and that they are working on a shoulder-launched version which does not require a radar system for short-range operations.

Fedai will soon be one of the Turkish defense industry’s most important export products, he said.

Canli also said that first deliveries of Fedai are expected early next year, January and February.

He stressed that the firm not only sells Fedai but also a complete system including radar, thermal cameras, jammers, and other unites.

On the global shortage of semiconductors, he said this situation along with rising raw material prices are causing problems for his firm.

The firm also established a radar manufacturer facility in central Turkey which will be operational as of January, he added.

In recent years, Turkey has become a rising star in the global defense and aviation industry.

Especially in aviation and UAVs, Turkey has several companies and brands such as Baykar and TAI which produce aerial vehicles using mostly local resources. Contract for UAV sales have been signed with countries such as NATO member Poland.


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