Microsoft unveils Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine

Microsoft unveils Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine

Cyber component of Russia's assault on Ukraine has been destructive, relentless, US tech firm says

News Service AA

US-based multinational tech firm Microsoft unveiled Wednesday that Russia has conducted cyberattacks against Ukraine in concert with its military action.

In a report prepared with Ukrainian cybersecurity officials and private sector companies, Microsoft said: "The cyber component of Russia’s assault on Ukraine has been destructive and relentless."

"At least six Russian Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actors and other unattributed threats, have conducted destructive attacks, espionage operations, or both, while Russian military forces attack the country by land, air, and sea," the report said.

It added that a day before Moscow's military attack in Ukraine, operators associated with the Russian military intelligence service launched destructive cyberattacks on hundreds of systems in the Ukrainian government, information technology, energy and financial organizations.

"Based on Russian military goals for information warfare, these actions are likely aimed at undermining Ukraine’s political will and ability to continue the fight, while facilitating collection of intelligence that could provide tactical or strategic advantages to Russian forces," the report said.


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