Turkish customs officials seize over 46 kg of drugs

Turkish customs officials seize over 46 kg of drugs

Drugs seized in separate operations at Istanbul Airport, security sources say

News Service AA

Turkish customs officials seized over 46 kilograms (101 pounds) of drugs in separate anti-narcotic operations at the Istanbul Airport, according to security sources on Monday.

The officials found six passengers and two cargo shipments arriving in Turkey on different flights suspicious, said the sources on condition of anonymity.

While the passengers were detained, the customs teams checked their luggage. The baggage of two passengers from South America had secret compartments containing over 8 kilograms of drugs.

Separately, some 11.5 kilograms of cocaine was seized in an operation against three couriers.

In another operation, more than 23 kilograms of "Taiwanese gum" type drugs were seized from four suitcases of a suspicious passenger from East Asia. The suitcases were first checked with an X-ray device, and then with sniffer dogs.

Meanwhile, shipments considered suspicious at the airport's cargo terminal were checked with narcotic detection dogs. As many as 109,200 drug pills were found in the parcels, which were declared to contain tea and beverages.

*Writing by Gozde Bayar in Ankara


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