Somali commandos trained by Turkey back home

Somali commandos trained by Turkey back home

More than 100 commandos will join Gorgor (Eagle) army force in fight against al-Shabaab

News Service AA

More than 100 Somali special force members who completed training in Turkey, landed in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, late Saturday.

The commandos landed at Aden Adde International Airport and were welcomed by Somali National Army’s infantry division commander Mohamed Tahlil Bihi and other senior officials.

Military officials told Anadolu Agency that the commandos received modern commando training from Turkish Armed Forces in Turkey’s Isparta province.

They will join the famous and most effective army force called Gorgor (The Eagles), who were all trained by Turkey.

The commandos will be deployed on the front line to fight al-Qaeda-affiliated terror group al-Shabaab, officials added.

Turkey has been training Somali soldiers for the past four years as part of its 2010 military training cooperation agreement.

The Harcamad and Gorgor elite units are fighting al-Shabaab.


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