Palestine denies deal with Israel, Egypt to extract gas off Gaza

Palestine denies deal with Israel, Egypt to extract gas off Gaza

Israeli media said Palestinians agree with Israel, Egypt to develop gas field off Gaza

News Service AA

A Palestinian source has denied reports about an agreement with Egypt and Israel to extract gas off the Gaza Strip.

“These reports published by Israeli media are inaccurate,” the source told Anadolu Agency on Wednesday.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said current talks on extracting gas off Gaza are between Egypt and Palestine.

“The talks don’t include Israel. We will not pay Israel to extract our gas. This is unacceptable,” he added.

On Monday, the Palestinian government formed a panel to strike a deal between the Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) and Egypt to extract gas from the Marine gas field off Gaza.

Israeli public broadcaster KAN reported Tuesday that Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian Authority have agreed to develop a natural gas field off Gaza.

The Marine 1 field, Gaza’s first gas field, was discovered in the 1990s in the enclave’s territorial water. The field is 36 kilometers (23 miles) west of the Gaza Strip in the Mediterranean waters and was developed in 2000 by the British Gas company.

The Marine 2 field is located in the sea border area between Gaza and Israel. Yet, the Palestinians were unable to utilize both gas fields due to Israeli opposition.

Home to 2.3 million population, the Gaza Strip has been reeling under a years-long Israeli blockade since 2007, badly affecting livelihood in the territory.

Salma Ali contributed to this report from Ankara


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