Four injured as Russian missiles hit Kyiv, says Ukraine

Four injured as Russian missiles hit Kyiv, says Ukraine

25 rescued from rubble of building, says mayor

News Service AA

 Russian missiles hit a residential building in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, injuring four people, the city’s mayor said on Sunday.

In a statement on Telegram, Vitaliy Klichko said that at least 25 people have been rescued from the rubble of the destroyed building in the Shevchenkivskyi district and the four injured people have been rushed to the hospital.

Klichko said work is underway to rescue those trapped under the rubble.

In a statement, Yuri Ignat, spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force said that the missiles were launched by Russian forces from the Caspian Sea.

Ignat said that four to six missiles were fired toward Kyiv, adding that two of them were destroyed by the Ukrainian air defense systems.


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