Expanding American military presence protested in northern Greece

Expanding American military presence protested in northern Greece

Demonstration in port city of Alexandroupolis joined by various students, trade union, civil society groups

News Service AA

An expanding American military presence in Greece was protested Saturday in the northern port city of Alexandroupolis, according to media reports.

The demonstration organized by the Committee of Struggle Against the Greek-American Military Treaty and the Base in Alexandroupolis also had the participation of various trade unions, pensioners’ unions, student unions as well as the local branch of the International Detente and Peace Committee (EEDYE), said news outlet 902.gr.

It is noteworthy that protesters also burned the US, EU and NATO flags, it added.

Earlier, another protest against the US- Greece military treaty and the expanding American military presence in the country was held in the port city’s municipal theatre.

Elpida Pantelaki, general secretary of EEDYE, condemned the utilization of the port by the US military.

No one can remain merely a spectator to the fact that the city and the county’s Eastern Macedonia and Thrace region is being transformed into an imperialist base, she said.

A retired admiral of the Greek Navy, Georgoios Roidis, and representatives of different trade unions also addressed the crowd, the news outlet noted.


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