Turkish, Japanese traditions merged through crocheting

Turkish, Japanese traditions merged through crocheting

Japanese crochetiers contrast two nations' methods for knitting, crocheting in their style

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Two Japanese crochetiers are adding Turkish techniques to their repertoire, combining the two cultures in their work.

Presenting an exhibition at the Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) in Tokyo, Yoshiko Shimizu and Keiko Serizawa spoke to Anadolu Agency on Monday about their experience with crocheting.

Yoshiko said that as a young girl, she was inspired by her cousin, who had crocheted her a cap, which led her to develop a passion in crocheting and spent two years at a knitting school while she was in her 20s.

She began knitting after studying the Japanese technique and that the design of Turkish fabric she created throughout her crochet work garnered much interest.

Yoshiko revealed that she also taught Turkish crocheting, saying she staged exhibitions in various regions of Japan over the last ten years and provided training in the craft at cultural centers.

She added that she had also purchased knitted bath fibers during her trip, referring to them as "Turkish cloths," which had piqued her curiosity in beginning her knitting journey.

"I purchased that cloth in Türkiye. People around me in Japan asked a lot about how it was knitted," Yoshiko recounted.

Keiko Serizawa said she first developed an interest in knitting by copying her grandmother's style, before broadening the variety of her craft with sweaters she crocheted.

She added that after leaving school, she designed clothes for a while before concentrating on her own crocheting.

Serizawa said she hoped to visit Türkiye to deeply understand Turkish crocheting traditions.

"I'd like to go to Türkiye, see many yarns in person, go to Cappadocia or Istanbul, and try Turkish food, if I get a chance," she said.


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