Road motor vehicle registrations in Türkiye rise in July

Road motor vehicle registrations in Türkiye rise in July

Number of road motor vehicles registered totals 25.9M as of end of July

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More than 111,904 road motor vehicles were registered in Türkiye in July, up 2.4% on a monthly basis, the country’s statistical authority said on Thursday.

"Cars accounted for 48.7%, followed by motorcycles 30.3%, small trucks 13.4%, tractors 4.1%, trucks 2.9%, buses 0.3%," according to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat).

At the end of July, the total number of road motor vehicles registered reached 25.9 million.

In terms of the distribution of trademarks for the new registered cars in July, Fiat took the lion's share with 21.8%, followed by Renault 17.2%, Volkswagen 9.4%, and Dacia 5.7%.

Meanwhile, in the January-July period, compared to the same period last year, the number of registered vehicles went down 4.3% to 693,234 while the number of withdrawn road motor vehicles decreased by 11.1% to 21,257.

Among 322,501 cars registered in the period of January-July, the share of gasoline-fueled cars was 70.2% followed by diesel-fueled cars with 17.5%, electric or hybrid cars with 10.1% and LPG-fueled cars with 2.2%.


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