You will not take Turkey lightly! - YUSUF KAPLAN

You will not take Turkey lightly!

British Prime Minister Theresa May visit to Turkey immediately after her U.S. visit, followed a week later by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, are important.

Why are they important?

Because there are efforts to re-establish the power balances in the world. Turkey is once again playing the role of an actor that establishes balances as Ottoman Sultan Abdülhamid II had done a century ago. Perhaps this is happening for the first time in the century-old history of the Republic.

These are all the fruits reaped from the balancing strategy we have been following for the last few months along with Operation Euphrates Shield, which we launched after it.

History is wave refraction and a journey of wave refraction

First the wave breaks and the pebbles are cleaned. Then the wave is set and the building stones are laid down.

An attempt at setting the wave in a time period to which other actors hold the power could end in disaster. What is required to overcome obstacles at such times is to first set out on a wave refraction journey. As obstacles start to be overcome, the act of breaking waves will, in time, present the grounds that give the opportunity to set waves.

After the Ottoman Empire collapsed, Turkey withdrew from history in every aspect.

As a matter of fact, it went as far as giving up its claims to civilization that allowed it to make history and formed its reason for existence.

A community that changed the flow of civilization that was attempting to give up its claims to civilization meant it was on the verge of suicide.

The resulting picture was frightening in every sense, as Turkey was no longer a country that led history and continued to be dragged in front of the history made by the West.

Turkey's strengthening was enough to frighten the West

Ultimately, Turkey lost its direction. The state was being directed in every aspect by the West and its men. Turkey could not be invaded by the West, but the state was seized by the men of the West and pro-West circles using the "collar of secularism".

This is the reason that underlies why secularism is untouchable. What is most critical is that Turkey is the only country in the world where secularism is under such a guarantee in its Constitution that even proposing to change it is out of the question.

The “ropes” in the country were still not in the hands of the real children of this country. But of course it could not go on like this, because this could end with us even losing our existence.

Despite all this, this community displayed a great example of insight and foresight. It picked itself up step by step and started to adopt its claims to civilization once again.

Even Turkey's strengthening was enough to frighten the West.

However, Turkey adopting its claims to civilization and starting to gain strength was enough for the West to develop hostile attitudes, behavior and strategies against the country in every aspect.

Hence, Western countries were breeding and provoking terrorist organizations while they were closing in on Turkey from all sides, invading it and redrawing the maps, and wanted to make it impossible for Turkey to breathe.

From balance strategy toward an actor that sets the balances

Yet, in the last analysis, the plans made by the West were repelled one by one. Turkey did not kneel. It started to follow a balancing strategy, one that would reduce its number of enemies and increase its number of allies.

Both on television and in this column, I always say how that at a time period when the global capitalist system is turning into hell everywhere, it is unavoidable for Turkey to follow balancing strategies just like the balancing genius Abdülhamid II. I said that we should first observe the balances and then, step by step, start setting the balances.

All praise be to God, the balancing strategies we have been following have started to bear fruit. With the successful Operation Euphrates Shield we launched as an extension of this strategy – especially with support from Russia on our side – we started to both ruin games and set balances.

British Prime Minister Theresa May's visit to Turkey, as the first prime minister to visit newly elected U.S. President Donald Trump, followed by another visit to Turkey by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, are the gains of this balancing strategy we have been following. These gains will continue and increase.

Jewish-British conflict in the global system

I have said before that there has been an ongoing conflict in the global system between the Jews and Brits for a quarter of a century.

When I say Jews, I am referring to the neo-con Jewish power that has taken control over the U.S. With the election of Trump, this conflict has now first started to take place in the U.S.

Trump wants to eliminate this Jewish power. Hence, he is going to establish deeper ties with Israel to endure the attacks.

Ultimately, one of the common goals of both the Anglo-American and Jewish forces is to stop Islam from reclaiming its place on the stage of history. The only country capable of ensuring that Islam takes the stage of history again, i.e., the country that will gather the Muslim world around itself, is Turkey, which has strong history and civilizational experience. The West is aware of this, but our Western intelligentsia is still yet to see it, or it just does not serve their purpose to see it. Therefore, the sole common goal of both the Anglo-American and Jewish forces is to siege and stop Turkey.

Operation Euphrates Shield ruined the balances

But there is an interesting point here: Turkey started playing with all three sides.

And with Operation Euphrates Shield, it showed that it is the sole power that can ruin all their games and drop their masks.

The consecutive visits to Turkey, first by May and then Merkel, are quite important in terms of showing that Western powers cannot take Turkey lightly.

These are good moves. And that is that.



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