Why is the world not being set alight over China’s massacres in Xinjiang? - YUSUF KAPLAN

Why is the world not being set alight over China’s massacres in Xinjiang?

A heart-wrenching event transpired recently in front of China’s Istanbul Consulate. A child of East Turkestan origin, aged 8 years old, cried out to heartless Chinese diplomats the story of his father, who was taken to detention camps, and whose trace was thus lost! His sobs in front of the cameras were not only addressed to Chinese diplomats but to all of humanity!

“Do you not have a father? Do you not have children? Do you have no conscience? If you were the one facing such injustice, what would you do? Would you remain silent? How dare you take my father? Where did you take him? What did you do to my father? What do you want from him? Why are you afraid of us?”

The small boy’s cries echoed through the skies of Istanbul, sending tremors through the depths of earth.

States as heartless as China are rare in the world! Millions of people were ruthlessly slaughtered just for the sake of worthless ideology during the Mao Revolution!

Hundreds of mosques were destroyed in China; hundreds of thousands of Muslims are facing torture! China is committing genocide against the Uyghur Muslims living in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region!

Why? Simply because they are Muslim!

China, you are despicable!

You are disgraceful!

If it goes on like this, there will be no Muslims left in China; all traces of Islam are going to be wiped out – God forbid!

Getting information is nearly impossible!

China is not only destroying Uyghur mosques but also placing innocent people in concentration camps in masses, putting them through an indoctrination (brainwashing) process, while implementing terrifying acts of torture!

The fruits of Islam’s first centuries, the tangible proof of our Uyghur brethren’s deep-rooted Islamic identity, the Imam Asim and Ja’far al-Sadiq mausoleums, the 1237 Keriya Aitika Mosque in Hotan, and the five-century-old Kargilik Mosque in Kashgar are among the sites destroyed.

The events in East Turkestan are bad enough to keep us awake at night!

However, it is extremely arduous to even obtain satisfying information about the events transpiring!

Regardless, we cannot abandon our brethren in East Turkestan to the mercy of the heartless Chinese authorities. This matter should be added to our agenda, and we must make sure that our Uyghur brothers and sisters know that they are not alone. This is the least we can do!

Why are those who made a fuss when Notre Dame was on fire silent when it comes to China?

Why is it that those who made a commotion when Notre Dame was burning in Paris remain silent when almost a-thousand-year-old mosques are destroyed in China?

What sort of inferiority complex is this?

Forget the world. Why is it that those in our country, who went on a rampage when Notre Dame was burning – despite the suspicion behind why it was burning – acted like nothing had happened, despite the declaration that 33 of the 100 mosques examined in China were destroyed?

Surely, the burning of the eight-century-old Notre Dame Cathedral necessitated a reaction; what burned was human heritage, France’s spirit after all!

However, since the invasion of Iraq, Baghdad, Mosul and Aleppo, as well as the beautiful city of San’aa in Yemen were all razed to the ground; hundreds of thousands of years old cultural heritage was destroyed! But nobody said a word – they continue to keep silent! We were forced to adapt to this attitude. Yet, words will not suffice to convey the sort of torture, the sort of indignation and abasement it is to be accustomed to the destruction of your cities!

Following the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, the heritage gifted to humanity by the Islamic civilization in China should have at least been protected; China should have been harshly condemned in countries with predominantly Muslim populations, and throughout the world!

To only condemn China’s acts is to be an accomplice to this atrocity!

China’s tortures, massacres, systematic assimilation and genocide against millions of oppressed Muslims should have at least activated Muslims and the world, driving them to tell the tyrant Chinese regime to “stop!”

Human rights organizations, the EU and the UN are publishing statements condemning the massacres in China, the concentration camps – which are thought to contain about 1 million people – and the atrocities committed here!

That is all they are doing!

They are condemning!

Damn your condemnations!

Very openly and clearly: Sufficing to condemn such horrific torture, and not taking action, is nothing other than being an accomplice to that very torture and oppression.

Tearing children away from their parents and placing them in concentration camps, torturing them, throwing their fathers into dungeons, provide us with clues regarding the extent of the ruthlessness of Chinese barbarism.


What China is doing is plain barbarism! This must be ended immediately!

If the cry of an Uyghur child in front of the Istanbul Consulate is not enough to make us rise, what else will?


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