What can oppressors bring to the world other than death? - YUSUF KAPLAN

What can oppressors bring to the world other than death?

A brutal power like Israel cannot make history, but ruin it. With Israel, principles get lost; being unprincipled dominates.

You should not ruin principles, but the lack of principles my friends!

The truth is like the sun. Just as the sun cannot be covered with dust, the sun of the truth cannot be darkened with oppression or unfairness.

Brutality is the sign of weakness.

The real power is intrinsic in pursuing principles in every state and condition.

History is the trace of men with principles.

Oppression, darkness; oppressor, slave.

Oppressors worship brutality. This means oppressors themselves are slaves. They are the slaves of power. Therefore, oppressors love to possess slaves the most.

By the wisdom of God, the oppressors who enslaved masses hate other oppressors the most and set plot against them.

Oppression Zoloom means darkness. The oppressors Zaalem is the slave of darkness.

It"s an abyssium of darkness. It has no bottom, such pitch darkness.

What is the reason?

God almighty has assigned a suitable place for oppressors by creating pitch darkness for their abode. Indeed, God thinks something about oppressors. He gives them time. When their time is finished, he sends them to the pith of perdition.

Both the Noor and Naar are caustic.

While Noor is the fire of the truth, the truth pursuers gleam, Naar is the fire of the oppression which oppressors ignite.

Prophets shine noor, oppressors shine naar. The light of the Prophet Moses blows the spirit, divides the Nile. The naar of the pharaoh makes even the Nile rebel against him and chokes him.

The collaborators of the oppressive global system, who salute the global system as authority, are the oppressor-slaves of oppressors.


To seek the truth other than the only truth means to force God for the Armageddon. Instead of the truth, those who pursue the path of brutal oppression make the trace of the truth vanish and cover it up. These are double oppressors.

The capitalist global order was established as an order based on disorder in order that they could rule the world according to their wish.

The global system is not helping to find solutions but producing problems. This supports the global system but sowing the seeds of its destruction, too.

Those who are expecting something from oppressors can be taken care well from time to time but they cannot escape being the victims of the oppression machine.


Throughout the history of humanity, we are the only society who did not violate anyone"s right nor let anyone violate ourselves. That"s why our defeats turn into victories at the end.

Throughout the history, God is with us because we did not violate anyone"s right nor let anyone violate our rights. God gave us the responsibility for protecting his temple.

Take the most illustrative example of the temple protection responsibility, which changed the course of history: If Istanbul had not been conquered, Islam may have been effaced from history.

That"s why if Istanbul falls, that means the whole Muslim world falls. The rise of the whole Muslim world is related to the rise of the Muslim world.

We lost many things just a century ago. However, we became the hope of people after a century.


Ahmet Cevdet Pasa even at the collapse of it describes the Ottoman state as the last isle of humanity. Ottomans collapsed and the whole isle of humanity drowned in the sea of barbarity.

I am describing Anatolia of the awakening century as the "last isle of humanity". This is the reason why Israel is most strongly condemned in this part of the world.


Now hold your breath!

The great historian Tonybee says "Ottomans are an unstoppable civilization" and adds "Ottomans are the future of humanity".

The most caustic and concerning question is this: Why can"t any Turkish historian or intellectual say this?

The end.


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