Westerners target Turkey because we spoiled the century-old big game! - YUSUF KAPLAN

Westerners target Turkey because we spoiled the century-old big game!

Turkey is facing attacks across the board. The creepiest attacks of the history of the Republic are being conducted from inside and outside.

Turkey is struggling for survival in all respects.

But some circles in Turkey do not refrain from inciting tension even through terror attacks. They even interpret an attack on an entertainment venue as an "attack on secular lifestyle," they do not hesitate to deliver “tirades of secularism" not only on social media, but also on newspapers and television.

This is impossible! Such a mind would only be a “pain in the neck” for Turkey!

This is impossible, because everybody now knows that this organization is a tool used by Westerners in proxy wars in order to strike Islam, to create internal destruction within the Islamic world and to break the backbone of the followers of Sunnah by inventing an artificial Sunni-Shiite conflict.

End of cold war and period of post-modern war with Islam

I am tired of repeating that Westerners finished the Cold War in 1989 and determined the "war on Islam" as a global strategy.

"The greatest threat to the global system is Islam," then NATO Secretary-General Willy Claes said.

Such a statement by the president of NATO, the armed force of the global system, means that NATO's main strategy after the Cold War was identified as the "war on Islam" strategy.

Of course, in the following period, both NATO secretary general and the leaders of Western countries made statements like: "We are not fighting Islam, we are fighting terror!" But all these remarks do not mean anything other than deflecting the target, masking the true goals of Westerners.

Western leaders, of course, cannot say, "We are fighting Islam." I do not even have to say how dangerous this is. Because it means they shoot themselves in the foot.

So we have to see this fact now: Westerners are fighting Islam by pretending to fight terror. They are the ones who invent terror organizations. Everyone now knows that al-Qaida was invented by the Americans against the Soviets.

We know that Daesh is a co-product of the U.S. and U.K.; they will confess it in the future. When will they confess it? When they achieve their goals.

What are their goals? Colloquially speaking, this is “where the rubber meets the road.”

Three-stage goals of Westerners

The long-term goal of Westerners is to prevent Islam from taking to the stage of history as a player to make history again.

Their medium-term goal is to create an artificial Sunni-Shiite conflict with the strategy of an Islamic war on Islam in order to achieve the first goal and to destroy the backbone of the followers of Sunnah, which made it possible for Muslims to make the world's history for 1,000 years and stand firmly.

Their short-term goal is sieging Turkey and bringing it to a halt.

Although our secular elites who underwent metamorphosis cannot see the gravity of the fact, Westerners know very well that Turkey is the only country capable of preventing an artificial Sunni-Shiite conflict.

On the other hand, as a country which is - struggling to be - the heir of the civilization experience that founded the backbone of the followers of Sunnah with Seljuk and Ottoman experiences, Turkey is the only country that will never allow this backbone to be destroyed.

How did Turkey spoil Westerners' game?

Now hold on to your hat! As I summarized in three articles, Turkey spoiled the century-old big game that Westerners developed to prevent Islam from taking to the stage of history as a player.

This is what drives the West mad!

What did Turkey do to destroy the century-long game of the West?

It did a few things simultaneously.

First of all, Turkey declared that it wanted to put an end to the "century-long parenthesis" and, for this, to reclaim its civilization claims, despite not yet being adequately prepared for this. It did this by reaching out to the oppressed in the civilization region, especially the Ottoman territory, and by giving hope to them.

Second, it declared a will for economic independence and became the world's 17th largest economy.

Third, with Operation Euphrates Shield, it struck a considerable blow to Daesh and showed to the world that Westerners were not concerned about fighting Daesh. So, it debunked the Westerners' attitude on Daesh.

As a result, the West's true colors were shown. Therefore, they both accelerated terror attacks, the products of a consortium, on Turkey, and began implementing their plot first to drag the country to the brink of social, political and economic chaos and then to a civil war by systemically touching its Achilles heel and inciting some circles inside the country.

After all these theoretical interpretations and analyses I have made, it must be better understood why Westerners turn Turkey into a target, and why they try to drag it to the brink of dangerous tension through Daesh attacks or absurd incidents that are incited through laicism in the country at every opportunity.

I should have further elaborated yesterday's column in this way. So, I remind you that I will share the long-running solution that I promised in yesterday's article in Friday's article. For now, I will make do with saying:

The Ottomans did not keep 72 religions, races and nations together in three continents through secularism: Islam is enough for us! It embraces all.




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