Western theopolitical strategies destroying Muslim states, paving the way for Iran! - YUSUF KAPLAN

Western theopolitical strategies destroying Muslim states, paving the way for Iran!

British historian Arnold Toynbee wrote that the most important outcome of Western colonialism in the Muslim world was “the division of the Sunni world.” The “power” uniting the Islamic world had been destroyed.

Toynbee’s observation was based on the geographical division of the Islamic world: the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the disintegration of Muslim India, as well as the Turkic and Arab world.

First theological disintegration, then theopolitical collapse

Yet the real division manifested first as theological disintegration, then theopolitical collapse.

Initially, Wahhabism was invented, followed by the mobilization of the theopolitical power that would wipe out the Ottoman Empire.

Similarly, modernist movements like the Ahmadiyyah, which Protestantized Islam, were invented in India, followed by the mobilization of theopolitical powers that would lead to the division and end of Muslim India.

The observations made to this point lead us to a theoretical principle – a fundamental theoretical principle that reveals the central century-old strategy used by the owners of the global system: that Arabs and Turks must never cooperate! Also, efforts must be made to pave the way for Iran, bringing forward the Shiite as the sole representatives of the Muslim world.

If you haven’t a grasp on at least the two-century colonial and oriental history, none of this may seem convincing to you.

However, it must never be forgotten that Western imperialists do not establish their strategies concerning the Muslim world based on geopolitics but on theopolitics. Once their theopolitical strategies achieve their goals, they are able to yield better results from geopolitical strategies.

As they were drawing the border of the Muslim world with a ruler, they first designed it in such a way that it would form theopolitical fault lines, and then activated the geopolitical maps.

Superficial tensions between Israel, Iran; paving way for Iran

I have nothing against Iran. Iran, though, is hostile toward me, towards the Sunni world! This hostility applies to both the doctrines of faith and history.

Also, the fact that Iran’s calls to unity may simply be a precautionary dissimulation, a deceit, must never be overlooked. The acts of brutality they are committing from Syria to Iraq, Lebanon to Yemen, while they simultaneously talk about unity, must never be undermined!

By no means am I saying that the Saudi administration, slave to imperialists, is any less despicable than Persian elites dreaming of a Persian empire, who do not hesitate to turn the Muslim world into a bloodbath to make this dream come true.

Furthermore, the Saudis are always paving the way for Iranians! Saudi attacks on Iranian forces do nothing other than clear its path.

Similarly, Israel constantly targeting Iran is aimed at boosting Tehran’s strength.

Let us not forget that Israel owes its existence to Iran, to Iran’s hostility, while Iran owes its existence to Israel, the hostility produced by Israel.

Two Shiite crescents

Though Iran was demonized and targeted, nothing was done other than to constantly victimize it. This thus ensured decades of sympathy in the Muslim world towards Iran, and allowed it the opportunity to be presented as the representative of the Islamic world!

Mark my words: They are going to cause such devastation in the Muslim world that Iran’s representation of all Muslims will automatically become a legitimate reality!

And, Iran’s de facto (political) settlement process in the Arab world, and virtual (cultural) settlement process in the Turkic world will be completed.

Efforts are being made to transform these two processes into reality by drawing two Shiite crescents in the north and south.

Referring ideology, art to the Shiites!

The process of laying the philosophical, ideological and art-based foundations of all this Shiite expansionism, rendering Shiites the backbone of Islam had already started through orientalist operations two centuries ago.

The fact that the Muslim world is represented by Iran has become a complete reality in the fields of ideology and art.

First orientalists, for example, Henry Corbin, wrote that Iranians are the representatives of Islamic philosophy and ideology about a century ago. He propagated this by visiting all European and American universities.

An incredible mechanism of academic propaganda was formed in this regard.

Then this propaganda mechanism was operated so well that currently every university in the West has the image that Persians are the founding fathers, the sole representatives of Islamic philosophy and ideology. This image was further turned into a reality through literary works, and countless symposiums.

What should Turkey do?

Turkey must continue its relations with Iran rather than driving Tehran into the arms of the West. Otherwise, the alarm bells will start ringing!

Also, Turkey must never forget that the West is paving the way – and will continue to do so – for Iran/Shiism, not for Turkey, and thus Sunnism!

They did not crush the revolution that took place in Iran four decades ago! But they could not tolerate the Egyptian government elected with the Muslim Brotherhood’s popular vote for even a few years, and so they conducted a coup! They attempted a coup in Turkey as well, but they got their answer!

Tomorrow I will be writing about Turkey-Egypt relations. I wrote this article so it could serve as a foundation for tomorrow’s column.


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