West designs its century-long plans through Turkey to prevent the rise of Muslims! - YUSUF KAPLAN

West designs its century-long plans through Turkey to prevent the rise of Muslims!

The U.S. administration and its puppet, the UN, told Turkey and Russia to “Get out of Libya!”

When exploratory talks with Greece started, warnings, which are the “result of a panic attack,” came from Germany and the U.S., as well as the UN!

So, what is this all about?

It is the West developing its century-long strategies to stop Turkey.

Turn back and take a look at the two-hundred-year-old history and you will see this burning truth.

For a thousand years, Turkey had been an axis country and by God’s grace, it will continue to be one.

With a single condition: If we are able to find our orbit…

In order to achieve this, we must raise humble (open to other worlds, respectful towards others) and highly confident (equipped with the idea of civilization, aware of the world) leading generations that will pave the way for us and, of course, we must know how to criticize and revamp ourselves.

Brief history of Western civilization’s founding, collapse…

The modern pagan Western civilization, which has been shaping the course of global history since the 17th century, was guided by the motive to control and colonize: It turned into an attack on not only the idea of God but also on the idea of truth, nature, and other civilizations.

It eventually replaced God with the enlarged human, and the church with politics.

It resulted with the deification of humanity, and idolization of the intellect. Meanwhile, placing politics in a position that defines the sources of authority, hegemony, and legitimacy, led to the idolization of those very politics.

The modern pagan man attributed unlimited powers to the limited mind, and gave prominence to means (power-producing politics, science, technology, etc.) above aims, and thus made a spectacular breakthrough that would build a hegemony over both nature and the world, while the dynamics making this physical breakthrough possible turned into dynamite that undermined the modern Western civilization.

When the limited mind is burdened with unlimited powers, and politics, which is supposed not supposed to serve as a founding power but pave the way, and thus, when means (but power-producing means) are tasked with the ontological functions they cannot bear, the modern pagan civilization was crushed under this burden.

This philosophical, intellectual, cultural and, of course, moral and sociological enlargement had a heavy price.

Postmodern philosophy is the philosophy of collapse

The current state is terrifying not only for the West but for the whole world.

The idea of God was destroyed – first in the West, then globally over time.

Nature was first declared the enemy, then taken over, and destroyed.

Human existence is now being threatened.

The modern pagan journey that started with humanism and placed humanity at the center of everything, drove all of humanity to the verge of a dead end that is also called post-humanism (which a humanless world and a worldless human type decomposed humanity, and turned life into a desert by becoming a slave of speed, pleasure, and seduction, which are perceived as freedoms).

Nietzsche crucified the modern pagan civilization: Modern pagan civilization collapsed philosophically, but the philosophy remains, transforming into a philosophy of collapse.

Postmodern philosophers and social theorists strongly voiced Nietzsche’s outcry, which I call the philosophy of collapse.

Heidegger said that existence, thus the truth, is forgotten.

Weber said that modernity produced an “iron cage”; Foucault said it turned into a “prison”; Derrida said a sort of “specter”; while Baudrillard said it is a simulation and was vaporized.

Philosophers of collapse did not present postmodernity as a way out.

They admitted that the only way out of this dead end is to step outside of the dominant paradigm, to escape the dominant paradigm. Foucault had said exactly this, following in the footsteps of his teacher Nietzsche.

What had Nietzsche said? “The only new thing left to say is the fact that we cannot say anything new.”

Who has ‘something new’ to say?

Who has something new to say?

The Chinese? The Indians? The Japanese?

Not, of course not.

No, because they have all been capitalized; numbed and swallowed.

Muslims are the ones who have the only new thing to say.

Baudrillard had pronounced this fact by saying, “We are destroying the only option available to humanity,” upon the West’s association of Islam with terrorism.

As Western civilization had nothing to say, it held onto its terrifying power: It is only invading, destroying and burning down everywhere. The most important sign that it has nothing new to say is the belligerence, which Baudrillard describes as “the arrival of the new barbarians.” They finally locked humanity in the coronavirus prison!

We’re in the wave-breaking process… We must prepare well for outbreaks

Western civilization itself collapsed philosophically, and fossilized all civilizations other than Islam, ending them through capitalization.

But it is outraged about failing to fossilize Islam. Hence, it is developing its century-long strategies to prevent Islam’s arrival. The West knows very well that Turkey is the sole country that has both the historical depth and deep-seated civilization experience that can recover and raise the Muslim world.

Is Turkey capable of carrying this burden?

In the current state, no, it is not.

But it has set off on this trajectory: If the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) subjects itself to radical self-criticism and renewal, and if opposition parties are able to say “Turkey first!” by gathering around the idea of civilization, and if we can take revolutionary steps in education, thought, art, culture, urbanization, media and youth in the next decade, then yes.

That is when the real journey will begin. This is the process of outbreaks.

We are struggling with the wave-breaking process for now. We are striving to foil plots and thwart them. We are making progress. Our presence in Libya is an indication of this.

By God’s grace, the wave-setting process will follow.


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