We will either be destroyed or survive together... - YUSUF KAPLAN

We will either be destroyed or survive together...

The Muslim world is miserable: Blood and tears have been flooding in the last quarter century...

This is the point to which we have come through the second civilization crisis, which has crumbled; the Muslim mentality which we have lived to the hilt/ Mecca, the Muslim land/ Medina/ the Muslim civilization in both these cities, for two centuries. This is the side we are able to see.


And then there is the nonvisible side: The secular/pagan challenge. Modernism developed four years ago, turned into a Western attack against humanity's accumulation and especially the existence grounds. The reason of existence for all civilizations was destroyed, their spirits were ruined, their lives and the opportunity for them to contribute to humanity ended.

The result really is strange: No civilization other than Western can exist. The modern Western civilization's attacks have exterminated, fossilized and thrown away all other civilizations. The only one it failed to fossilize, exterminate and bring to its knees is Islam. Although Muslims were brought to the verge of an unprecedented inferiority complex, they were the only ones that resisted the West's attacks and did not go down in defeat. At the current point, Turkey's economic power, strategic horizon and civilization build up created an excitement in the Muslim world. Muslims all over the world, from Morocco to Malaysia, Yemen to the Balkans became hopeful for the first time in the last quarter of the century. They set their hopes on Turkey and started to pray.


Having lost everything 100 years ago, Turkey once again became hope for the Muslim world, just as it did a thousand years ago.

This was enough to drive Westerners crazy. The West enclosed Turkey in a ring of fire and evoked malice networks within.

This is the most delicate part of the matter: Turkey became hope symbolically, but not actively.

The elections are over; now it is time to discuss the basic existential problems of those who are suffering from anguish and who are only after the truth.

The obsequious will only pull you into disaster. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, hence the country, need wise people like Caliph Umar, not the obsequious.


Ideas do not pursue politics or the market, they just cannot. Because if they did, the truth would not exist.

This should never be forgotten: Those who try to damage this country or Erdoğan are cheap people who think only of themselves and keeping their seats. They happen to be the ones who will leave the front at the first sign of danger.

First we have to ignore those who condemn, describe the picture and show the way out.


Turkey has been on course, but lost its direction ever since former Prime Minister Adnan Menderes.

What is the result?

The result is strange: We lost the test in politics, the markets and the opposite sex. Even the most rational of us are saluting politics and the markets.

But why?

Turkey is not a country that has found its orbit as yet. Therefore the winds suddenly turn into storms and pile us all.

We have been losing ground for a century. We are doing endless spins on slippery ground.

The ground really is slippery: What is more natural for a society that has lost its orbit to slide on slippery ground?

Secularization of a society causes people to run after politics, the markets and the opposite sex. Thus, the society dissolves, decays and tumbles towards decadence. With every passing day the grounds become more slippery, values erode and people lose their direction.

Turkey's social ontology, cultural ecology and youth typology change on this slippery ground:

From the way things are, we can say, this ship won't sail.

If things continue as they are, the social structure will collapse, cultural measures will dissolve and the youth will perish.

If things continue as is, in the next 20 years: The society will lose its connection with Islam, a moderate, secular, Protestanized sense of religion will take root. This will lead to the abolishment of Islam in the next 40 to 50 years.

This will be a mass suicide disaster for the country.


How can we avoid suicide?

For now, I can say: Our education system should be restructured in accordance with the dynamics of our civilization.

The spirit of our civilization should be conveyed to younger generations via the media.

Products of our civilization should be presented to ideas, arts and culture.

To achieve all this, rooted strategies should be implemented to pave the way for both our country and humanity. Using a compass metaphor, part of the compass should be steady in our civilization, while the other part is confident in other parts of the world. We need to raise pioneer generations that will achieve this.

Malikshah, Nizam al-Mulk and Imam al-Gazzali were the pioneers sowing the seeds a thousand years ago. Now, if we fail to sow the seeds for the next 100 years in the upcoming decade, we will perish and disappoint the hopes of the Muslim world.

If we do not want to commit suicide, we have to sow the seeds of resurrection before it is too late.

I will try to give concrete suggestions to draw our route map in my articles from Sunday onwards.




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