We will disappear if we can't plant the seeds of a century in a decade - YUSUF KAPLAN

We will disappear if we can't plant the seeds of a century in a decade

Turkey could not be physically invaded, but it was invaded mentally: First it abandoned civilization claims, which made it possible for us to make history of humanity for about a millennium. Then, it was careless about denying it.

Of course, it would not be tolerable for a country that changed the course of history and fueled civilization dynamics to make a breakthrough in science, thought and art that would pave the way for humanity.

It's time to embark on a long-term civilization journey

The colonialist education system, corrupt culture, art and media regime that dragged the children of this country to the brink of inferiority complex, and that destroyed their self-reliance and thinking faculties, killed our young generations and made them languish for nearly a century.

However, this situation only leads to the loss of our civilization claims that changed the course of history, that are waiting to be discovered and reinvented and that will pave the way for both our country and humanity when reinvented.

As an inevitable consequence of this cultural denial and suicide that we have been experiencing for centuries, this society was dragged to the brink of extinction. However, the critical threshold was passed with the efforts of the people of this loyal and enduring society which they made with patience, foresight and broad sagacity.

We fell as our civilizational canopy collapsed. We lost confidence in ourselves. But we did not wave the white flag.

We have found our way, and in order to fix our direction, we are struggling first to determine and then overcome all the obstacles that blinded our mind and delved into our spirit.

Now it is time to recover, review our mistakes, question our clichés that killed our spirit, and embark on a long-term civilization journey that will enable us to take firm steps toward the future and give spirit, ideals and self-reliance to our young generations.

Never without a spiritual leap

Big crises are both a test and an opportunity. All great births and pioneering journeys are the children of times of great crises.

There is only one way to turn crises into opportunities: To achieve a spiritual spurt.

Of course, the spiritual leap cannot occur in a vacuum.

It can be real with an agony of challenging, exhausting, but an eye-opening idea and existence that will take decades.

The first condition of spiritual breakthrough is to have big dreams, but never give into daydreaming.

Our biggest dream is to make truth spring to life, be our life and to offer life to humanity.

It is not just a dream, but a claim: The concern of living with the consciousness of carrying the burden of humanity on our shoulders.

This claim was declared to us by the Quran, our holy book and our guide of life and truth. It was actualized by our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, our leader of life and truth, who was sent as a mercy to the worlds, in a period of one generation.

We overcame our first great civilization crisis with a spiritual leap under the guidance of al-Ghazali, who suffered the agony of ideas and "existence" (resurrection after nothingness), in a period of one generation.

Malik Shah played a key role in overcoming the first civilization crisis as a founder, while Nizam al-Mulk played the same role as a practitioner and al-Ghazali as a pioneer.

We experienced a similar spiritual leap with Mehmed the Conqueror in a period of one generation, mentored by Akşemseddin and Mullah Gürani, Mehmed the Conqueror achieved a spiritual breakthrough that changed the course of history and enabled him to wave the flag of truth in three continents and make these continents lands of peace and humanity.

Yahya Kemal describes this leap through Istanbul by saying, "A soldier who joined the conquest at the age of 25 witnessed the step-by-step construction of a Muslim city and a fresh civilization when he was at the age of 75.”

A pioneering generation that will plant the seeds of a century in a decade

We have been struggling with the second great civilization crisis for two centuries.

The Ottoman Empire was dissolved in this process. Turkey could not be physically invaded, but it was invaded mentally: It was dragged into an inferiority complex in the face of the West. It attempted to destroy its civilization claims in the end.

What we did was shoot ourselves in the foot. In fact, Şevket Süreyya Aydemir, who played a key role in raising the secular generations of the Republic, behaved honestly in confessing this murder in his last book: "We destroyed everything, but we could not do anything instead."

Here is the crucial point: If Turkey can embrace its civilization claims, it can make history again. If it does not care about consuming what Westerners produce, God forbid, it will bid farewell to history.

There is only one option: To embark on a long-term civilization journey that will allow us to rise from the ashes, and to lay the foundations of a spiritual leap.

For this, we need to raise pioneering future generations that live in this world but do not enjoy the pleasures of this world. That will resurrect the roots of our spirits and pave the way for us.

We have no way out but to raise pioneering generations that will destroy the sleep, turn night into day, suffer the agony of ideas, existence and revival and plant the seeds of a century in a decade.

If we cannot plant the seeds of a century in art, culture, education and the media in a decade, and cannot raise a pioneering generation with spirit, ideals, morals, self-confidence and humility, we will disappear. That is it.



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