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WARNING! The real danger is bigger and global

Let all us know this: The danger is not confined to Turkey; it"s bigger and more global than what we anticipated.

I am writing this article and taking my life in my hands.

The parallel network is going to foster the global system interests in the upcoming term and is intruding Islam into the global system"s control and hence using it in order to invent a parallel religion by daring to make a mess of it.

What is required from the parallel network is to overthrow the administrations in Balkans, Turkic, and African countries one by one in the upcoming 15-20 years.

Having personally witnessed certain things, I will try to show you how this horrific operation is going to take place.

Thus, please keep in mind that I am writing this article and taking my life in my hands.

Why did I reject the British passport?

Let me quote an anecdote first.

I rejected the passport that the Queen of England granted to me in 1996. Even my closest friends said "are you crazy? What if something happens to you in Turkey tomorrow, what are you going to do?" I was astounded on hearing this reaction and replied without any hesitation:

"If something happens to me in Turkey tomorrow, will I expect something from the British?" Why would n a Muslim grovel himself like that? I am the son of this country. If something will happen to me, let it happen here!

Challenging the global system

Turkey lost everything a century ago. It was noted in modern history as a huge country, which is the only one who lost her everything. On the other hand, Arabs did not lose everything but were torn into pieces.

Turkey lost everything but it became the potential hope of the innocent and oppressed people after a century.

This message was clear for all people in Africa, Balkans, Arab world, Asia and the West.

Turkey lost everything but it did not let the imperialists trample on the Anatolian soil. In addition to that, it went against the wild global capitalist system, which is the enemy of humanity and truth by challenging it with a "one minute!" cry, Turkey became the hope of Islamic world once again and this is not a simple, negligible thing.

The role of Erdogan

In this process, Tayyip Erdogan"s role is a historical one. I do not praise him as I criticize him from time to time. However, I pointed out to something earlier: There are two kinds of Erdogan: The first one is the mortal Erdogan who is alive now and going to pass away one day. Erdogan himself mentions about this from time to time.

The second Erdogan is the person who proved that he is a symbol personality. A symbol personality is someone who changes the course of history.

The only person who does not know English but who used it most eloquently in history!

What makes Erdogan a symbol personality is that he does not know any foreign languages.

Therefore, he has no inferior complexity. He goes by his heart and never holds himself back from telling the truth.

For example: Erdogan is one of the few leaders who does not know English but who knew how to speak it smart that he made a mark history by means of English.

He said "one minute!" He spit on the faces of global system lords and showed the whole world what it means to be a symbol person, the "grandson" of Abdülhamit.

The global "parallel religion" danger!

The global system is willing to create a parallel religion by means of using parallel networks. That"s the ultimate goal!

It"s like just as Constantine, first, christianized the Byzantium; and then byzantized Christianity, so he justified the interests of the Byzantium and turned it into a device that was available to use and destroy. I am talking about a similar globally dangerous project.

How to "brainwash"

Since the parallel network"s mass as it is "cloned" can only realize what is demanded from itself, it does not have the capacity to anticipate a "parallel religion" danger ahead.

Their brains are washed in such a way: "We are going to save both this world and the Islamic world through our efforts day and night."

However, by all means, this is an illusion. How can such a self-deluded and shallow entity, that has no scholars, sages, jurists, philosophers, save the world of Islam?

They are going to overthrow rulers!

What I am referring to as I am writing while my life is in my hands is to do with this: Balkans, Turkic Republics and countries resided by African Muslims are going to be captured in the next period of 15-20 years one by one.

They are organizing a rehearsal of this in Bosnia!

It will be conducted in two ways:

First, they will raise an elite staff, which will put their future in order. The second and more important is that when the due time and space is concerned, they will capture countries with recordings, blackmails, and internal chaos.

In these countries, there are still the puppets of colonialists who are in charge of the leadership. Now, these persons and groups are preparing all sorts of recordings to leak into the state operations. Soon, these countries will be shot down one by one.

In the conclusion, there will be a fabricated religion, which will not oppose religion to the global system"s oppressions or trump the orders of it and will totally deprive the staging of history while being a torn apart religion.

The globalization of hate against Erdogan

The networks know well that Erdogan is the only leader who predicts this danger and can prevent it.

This is the reason why the hate against him is spread around the world day and night, along with the use of several leftist dinosaurs like radical CHP partisans for this purpose. This is why Erdogan is presented on Turkish and the world media as "a dictator!"

In short, the danger is big. Therefore, I am –still- trying to wake up anyone with good faith and Erdogan as well, to take action immediately in order to destroy the operations of the "evil-networks" which intends to mess with Islam and Turkey"s great.


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