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Turkey's independence from the West and the Erdogan-Biden meeting

The meeting between President Erdoğan and U.S. President Joe Biden is eagerly awaited.

It is no secret that people are holding their breath over it: Turkish-American ties are experiencing major tremors.


First, we need to go over the semiology of the language of Turkish-American relations: It has become a necessity to draw attention to this enslaving, complex language, which is observed with the same nonchalance in Turkish academia and in the media!

The discourse of the comments regarding the Erdogan-Biden meeting in particular, and Turkish-American ties in general is creepy, the language of leashed grasshoppers who are totally in love with their oppressors, and of mentally colonized epistemic slaves!

Everyone is saying “The U.S. cannot give up on Turkey!” 

Excuse me, but has Turkey become a U.S. colony or state  and we are somehow not aware of it?!

What kind of oppressed, colonial intellectual discourse is this!

I'm talking about the country's academics and professors. They are already connected to the U.S. in every way. Mentally they are there, physically they are here!

Do not be surprised if the medical books write tomorrow that “schizophrenia is the disease most commonly seen in the American or Western philanthropic Turkish elites”!

Unless we abandon this enslaved, schizophrenic discourse, it is not possible for us to fully understand Turkish-American relations, nor to identify and protect Turkey's interests!

Essentially, we need to be freed mentally, to see and leave this schizophrenic thought process.


Only then will it be possible for us to see the causes of the cold war between Turkey and the U.S.

Over the past ten years, especially since the "one minute" interjection, Turkey has taken important steps towards independence from the Western world.

Stopping just short of admitting that the U.S. had orchestrated it themselves (they’re not that brazen!) They claim to have not allowed the July 15 coup to happen!

This is not a joke; It is not a simple incident. All the coups in Turkey were staged by the U.S., and they all hoisted the flag of surrender. The re-used oligarchic civil and military bureaucracy ruling Turkey! That is the deep state of the devshirme!

But for the first time, a coup was stopped, the one on July 15. Erdogan's historical role cannot be overstated here!

The attempts to establish a terrorist state by PKK/YPG, which will then be a satellite of the U.S. and Israel and used as a ploy to confuse the region, have been dealt a great blow both inside Turkey and beyond our borders!

With Operation Euphrates Shield, a process was initiated that challenged all the imperialist and satellite states that had targeted the region until then. This is a challenge that will go down in history as a milestone.

Afterwards, Turkey's strategic relations with Asian countries, especially Russia, declared to the world that Turkey was not a slave to the Western alliance and that it had started to play historical roles in shaping the destiny of the region.

Our intervention in Libya and then our first-class active role in Karabakh was enough to frighten the U.S., Israel, Britain and Iran!

Erdogan will go to meet with Biden (even if he is a member of the Western alliance for now) as the head of state of a regional power that is once again playing a key role in shaping the fate of the region!

Erdogan will face Biden and the people behind the American establishment, who are behind the chaos experienced in the country and tried to be stirred using force!


Yes, great breakthroughs are needed to reset everything and start anew.

This breakthrough is the fact that Turkey has taken important steps that will somehow end its role as the "outpost" of the Western alliance. Turkey's schizophrenic Westernist secular intelligentsia and media fail to see that this focal moment represents a new milestone in Turkey's journey of independence!

Can't you really see? Or is it more enjoyable and fun to send your brains on a vacation from history? But maybe they don't know that the vacation won't last forever? Are our schizophrenics-come-leashed grasshoppers that much in love with their oppressor?

So let's ask the question: When will the "cold war" with the U.S. end?

Whenever we kneel before the U.S.!

So what does that mean?

It means the end of Turkey, of course.

But Turkey will not rest: it will stand up to the U.S. and all imperialists and will determine its own future.

Of course, we have big problems. We are faced with big problems that need to be solved in the economy, education, culture, justice system. But if we can embark on a long-term journey that will realize the breakthrough we have made in the defense industry in these areas as well, no one can stand in our way.

Before the Erdogan-Biden meeting, Erdogan went to one of the founding cities of Islamic civilization, the city of Shusha in Karabakh, moreover, a strong and crowded Turkish delegation went to Libya and posed for powerful photos with the Libyan administration, these breakthroughs are the time to rebuild. They can only be read as two indicators of what’s to come.

Turkey will remind Biden and his mandate extensions in Turkey that the journey of independence from the West and becoming a regional (over time global) power will not be stopped!

Erdogan will tell his interlocutors that our ties with the U.S. and other countries and institutions of the Western alliance can only be maintained under these conditions.


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