Turkey’s Ansar (helper) spirit toward Syrians should be sustained - YUSUF KAPLAN

Turkey’s Ansar (helper) spirit toward Syrians should be sustained

When a young man in Tunisia set himself on fire, the flames in Tunisia soon spread through the entire Arab world: In the post-colonial period that would scatter the whole Arab world, neo-liberal provocative uprisings called the Arab Spring turned into a great blaze that would drag Islamic discourses, formations and religious movements in the Muslim world to the verge of a dead end.

Islamic discourses were struck a great blow with the ‘Arab Spring’

Back then, I had written that these uprisings are a major plot that would end all Islamic discourses and operations in the Arab world in the long-term and titled my first article on the topic as “Stable Instability.”

Despite it being a well-known fact that I am a writer that opposes the West, some people objected to my articles, saying, “There is a war against dictators, and this war is going to bring an end to all dictatorships.”

Of course it is everybody’s duty to support every kind of struggle against dictatorships. This is what we are striving to do. There is no need to even mention it.

However, time was accelerated to drown the Islamic formations and discourses, which became the Muslim world’s most powerful social, political and intellectual player, before it strengthened any further.

Hence, the events eventually confirmed these theoretical interpretations I made back then: The Arab world was dragged to the verge of a constantly deepening instability, which has no ending in sight.

Controlling Muslim communities that have been divided and discouraged, pitting them against one another, and also plundering their natural resources in the meantime was going to be much easier in such a chaotic atmosphere.

What is more important, it was going to be possible for Islamic discourses to get the Muslim world back up on its feet on time and in a stronger manner against the Western hegemony; by pressing the button on what is called the “Arab Spring” that transformed into the “Arab fall,” which I underlined in my articles back then, Islamic formations and discourses were struck a great blow.

Eventually, the Muslim world in general, the Arab world in specific, was dragged to the edge of a major catastrophe, asymmetrical wars and proxy wars.

Beware! Efforts are in place to drag Turkey to chaos through the Syrians!

Syria was one of the countries most effected by this chaotic disaster.

When the invasion of Syria by imperialists and the civil war that resulted in imperialists and their satellite dictator Bashar Assad turning the country into hell, a massive exodus occurred; the 3.5 million oppressed Syrians fleeing Assad’s oppression in Syria took refuge in our country.

Initially, our people acted in complete Ansar (helper) spirit and embraced our oppressed Syrian brothers and sisters, displaying an example of fraternity never before seen in recent history.

This is what would befit us as a nation that has always sided with the oppressed throughout history.

However, at the point reached, there are efforts to turn the issue of Syrians into a matter that will cause chaos in the country.

A disgusting perception operation is being conducted concerning Syrians: First, a lowly hate discourse is being developed against Syrians, then, this is going to be turned into a campaign to attack Syrians through a few real or imaginary incidents. Thus, the country is trying to be dragged to the verge of a great chaos that is likely to spiral out of control.

Measures to be taken

The state should primarily develop a strong strategy concerning Syrians.

When, how and the conditions under which Syrians will be “sent” to their country should be clarified.

Syrians should never be allowed to be ghettoized: if Syrians are ghettoized, the rise of a series of criminal organizations that are the source of all sorts of violence – like in European countries – in the medium- and long-term is inevitable.

Hence, above everything else, unregistered Syrians must be registered.

Second, the immediate deportation of Syrians that are members of the Syrian intelligence or terrorist organizations through a finely-detailed intelligence operation is inevitable.

Third, various mechanisms that will primarily allow top representatives, opinion leaders of Syria to take lead, to primarily undertake the task of supervision and problem-solving among Syrians to resolve any socio-cultural problems should be established.

Syrians should be the ones to first deal with crime-committing Syrians, and hence, Syrians should be enabled to supervise themselves. In this case, it should be possible to activate mechanisms through which Syrians can first intervene in incidents where Syrians are involved.

Turkey’s Ansar (helper) spirit should not be damaged

In a nutshell: The issue of Syrians may become gangrenous unless the necessary steps are taken. Hate speech and racist discourses developed against Syrians should never be ignored.

This nation embraced the oppressed in the Ansar spirit. Hence, no major problems were experienced in this country. If it were in Europe, the region would have long ago turned into a bloodbath. This is sufficient to reveal the strength and values we possess.

The exemplary attitude we displayed so far with respect to our oppressed Syrian brothers and sisters has revealed that this community is the world’s spirit, the hope of the oppressed and the world’s most generous, charitable, compassionate and civilized society.

In summary, the community should be sensitive towards racist discourses that trigger hate, and the state should complete all legal regulations concerning Syrians to prevent provocations that will drag this country to chaos.


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