Turkey will forge its own path ... - YUSUF KAPLAN

Turkey will forge its own path ...

As Turkey purchased the S-400 defense system from Russia, the U.S. administration, followed by servile EU countries, immediately began looking into imposing sanctions against Ankara.

It was precisely on the anniversary of July 15th, upon the arrival of the S-400s to the Akinci Base, the epicenter of the coup – if I may add, that their hands were waiting on the trigger.

EU countries fired first: various sanctions were imposed and tough statements were made against Turkey.

Foreign Affairs Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu struck back just as harshly against those who made EU statements.

However, the reaction of the American administration was delayed and more curiously awaited.

It was so, be it because of U.S. President Trump's statements in Osaka during deliberations with President Erdogan, be it his statements from a few days ago on the issue, Trump repeatedly said “Turkey was unjustly treated." Any statement coming from the “deep state” is both a bit late and is awaited curiously.

The war of two Americas: The Jews and the Puritans

I would like to open a parenthesis here to observe the ambivalent relations between Trump's position and the so-called American deep state called the U.S Administration.

I'm here making observations on the functioning of the American system, and I’m guessing there’s a lot that could benefit the decision-makers in Turkey when planning Turkish-American relations.

There are two Americas: the first is the America of Jewish power.

The Second America is the America of the Puritans, who founded the U.S., the core of which was the British.

For nearly a century, Jewish forces - especially after World War II - took over America: the Pentagon, the "American deep state," which dominated foreign affairs, CIA, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the arms industry, the financial world, academia, and the media. American administrations have come under the control of Jewish forces, led by the gangs that rule the Congress.

Here, the puritans who founded America, consisting of WASP (White, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant), are trying to save America from Jewish power.

Trump is the Puritans’ man.

The secret is that he is making too many concessions to the Jews is that he thinks this would silence them.

So the Puritans fight the Jews in America!

That’s why despite Trump's "we were unfair" toward Turkey statements, the reason behind the decision taken by the Jewish-controlled “American deep state” regarding the F-35 program is not quite clear. (Unless there is a collision between the powers here!)

They don’t want to let Turkey be!

After all, Turkey was removed from the F-35 fighter program despite the statement made by Trump.

Turkey standing up to the U.S. and EU drove them crazy!

We will not give up, we will manufacture our own weapons!

We're going to drive the imperialists even more crazy!

Commenting on the U.S.’s F-35 decision, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said "NATO's cooperation with Turkey is more crucial and comprehensive than the S-400s and F-35s."

As you can see, they’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

They don’t want to let Turkey be!

Right from the beginning, the strategy of Westerners, both the U.S. and the EU, has always been to never leave Turkey, which was stopped by Kemalist secularism and surrendered, to chart its own path!

From Bush Senior and Clinton to German chancellor Schroeder, from British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher all the way to Richard Perle, nicknamed the prince of darkness, in addition to Kissenger and Wolfovitz, all the main lords of the global system had always felt the need to say it!

No pain, no gain

Here’s the burning question: What happens if Turkey is left to its own devices?

It starts to find its own path, orbit and tries to form an axis ...

Fear won’t help! All of this will happen God willingly ...

Of course, Turkey is going through a difficult period ...

In this process, we may face big problems, external pitfalls, various kinds of coup attempts and so on.

As the saying goes, every rose has its thorns.

All of this will enable us to integrate as a society, to respect each other, to meet each other halfway, and to embrace a journey of civilization.

No matter what the Western imperialists come up with in order to drive Turkey to chaos, ultimately, it will determine his own path!


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