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Turkey, soul of the world, hope of the oppressed, nightmare of tyrants

Know well that Turkey is a country that can be subjected to any kind of coup or attack at all times. I am not doom mongering here. As a writer who is aware of his responsibilities, I cannot doom monger.

Six months before July 15, I said, “a coup is coming,” but even then I was accused of doom mongering.
We cannot bury our heads in the sand. We have to see the burning truths in advance and take permanent measures accordingly.
Turkey is a country open to any kind of coup or attack at all times.
Why is Turkey a country that can be subjected to a coup or attack at all times?

There are two fundamental reasons for this.

First, Turkey is not completely independent. The ropes in Turkey are not yet in the hands of the real children of this country. This nation has no “protector.”

That is why it experiences a coup once every decade on average.

That is why we talk of a fight for independence and the future.

Second, we are the ones who have been making history for the last thousand years with the Seljuks and the Ottomans – not only Islamic history but world history too.

Turkey has been stopped for the last two centuries.
To prevent Turkey from recovering and coming back, Turkey has been kept under control for the last century, it is being sieged from within and without – in every aspect – for the last quarter century.


When we come, they are going to leave. The West knows this better than us.

Hence, they do not want to leave Turkey to itself; they are stirring it both within and without; they are striking with one coup after another.

The July 15, 2016 coup and invasion attempt was a multidirectional attack that was perpetrated from both inside and outside.

 From an indirect tutelage system to a direct tutelage regime. 

For the last two centuries, Turkey has been putting up a multidirectiona fight for independence and the future in the exact sense of the word. For two centuries, two tutelage systems, which we are yet to name, which we have not been able to fully identify and describe, have been dominating Turkey.
The indirect tutelage system, which we were dragged to the verge of with the reform era, with the Unionists toppling Sultan Abddülhamid from the throne and the Republic that followed, was replaced by the direct tutelage system.
As of the reform era, the British took the Ottoman intelligentsia mentally hostage.

With the Republic, they structured state institutions one way or another. The idea that the Republic was founded against the British and despite the British, is a complete official history legend. I will be writing about this separately, for now I will make do with a mention.
Turkey promised the West that with the Republic, it gave up civilization claims, that it has entered the Western orbit, that Turkey will be secularized.
This process dragged Turkey to the verge of schizophrenia, of cultural suicide, of a dead end.

It made it abnormal.

It invented two Turkeys: It resulted in Turkey losing its orbit, claims and soul.

And culturally, it turned Turkey in to a desert.
In order to escape this process of ontological extinction, Turkey has been conducting break-out operations in the period between Adnan Menderes and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The more we conduct break-out operations, the more global powers close in on Turkey and stir it.

July 15 was a multidirectional, complex attack through which this siege was turned in to a coup and invasion attempt. This is a global attack that aimed to stop Turkey’s bid to recover, find its direction and reassume a historic march: The lords of the global system do not ever want to allow Turkey to come back home from the vacation in history, reassume another historic walk.
Therefore – even if by remaining loyal to the secularity promise it made – Turkey’s economic growth and strengthening is enough to scare the lords of the global system.
The West knows very well that the deep-rooted civilization experience and cultural wealth Turkey has as an actor that made world history – not only Islamic history – for a millennium on three continents, will get Turkey, which is financially growing and gaining strength today, to reach a position in the future to make civilization claims.
That is why they are approaching with suspicion even the smallest step aimed at Turkey’s acting independently of the Western alliance, aimed at it determining its own future.
They see every step taken by Turkey on the path of independence from London, Washington, Tel Aviv and Brussels as the milestones of Turkey’s fight for independence and the future and they are afraid.
The lords of the global system see Turkey coming, but the so-called neo-nationalist, so-called pro-independence pro-West elites and intelligentsia are either unable to see it or it does not serve their purpose.
Turkey, soul of the world, hope of the oppressed, nightmare of tyrants
In brief, Turkey is the soul of the world, hope of the oppressed and nightmare of tyrants.

That is why the West is setting up all its century-old strategies through Turkey and its hinterland.

They know very well, like Tonybee said, “The Ottomans are the future of humanity.”


The West managed to turn the three continents we turned in to a land of peace for six centuries in to hell in one century.

That is why when we come they are going to go.
Tonybee had expressed this too in an excellent way: “The Ottomans were stopped, the giant was put to sleep. If the giant wakes up, nobody can stand against it.”

There is a single condition for the giant to wake up: Becoming powerful in every aspect on the outside, but on the inside, taking fast revolutionary steps in education, culture, thought and art to bring the people together, uniting them around our common civilization claims, doing the work of a century in a decade.

We are going through a tough process on the inside.
God willing, we are going to overcome these difficulties: You can’t have effortless mercy.

All great births are painful and they are the child of great pains.

As long as we don’t lose hope and take on a journey to revival that will build our future with the right steps.

And that’s that!


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