Turkey needs the spirit of Çanakkale (Gallipoli) to bring us to our senses, rebuild the world! - YUSUF KAPLAN

Turkey needs the spirit of Çanakkale (Gallipoli) to bring us to our senses, rebuild the world!

The Battle of Gallipoli (Çanakkale) was a war that tried to bury the faith of the Muslims into history with blasphemy.

It was the final Crusader war!

The seven continents of the world had merged their forces and flocked to Çanakkale.

It was a doomsday war in the stormy waters of the Dardanelles in which herds of people, described by the poet as “Hindus, cannibals and God knows what other sort!” came to bury the truth into the deep pages of history.

It was Badr 2.0 in a time when Turkey was most financially unstable, but where we proved to the entire world that the power of faith could not be beaten by any weapon!

It was a blessed war of existence, an epic of resistance, in which God clearly showered help from the heavens to the earth, on the land and in the middle of the sea!

Gallipoli was not only a matter of life and death for Turkey but for all Muslims!

It was a strait war in Gallipoli with the whole world at our throats!

Gallipoli was our life-and-death war! Not just for us, but it was a matter of life and death for the entire Muslim world: If Çanakkale had been penetrated, Istanbul could fall and the future of Islam would be in danger!

This was the worst case scenario Islam could have faced, and it meant the apocalypse of humankind.

As long as the flag of Islam waved, there would always be justice and truth, law and hope for peace on this earth. However, if Istanbul fell, the caliphate would end, the Muslim world would lose its dignity, be enslaved, fall into a pit of humiliation!

This is why Çanakkale cannot be penetrated and Istanbul cannot fall!

Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the oppressed Muslim world traveled to the strait for a war, so that Istanbul would not fall, the flag of truth would not be violated, the symbol of the unity of the Muslims, the symbol of their heart, and its fortress would not harm the Ottoman caliphate!

They wrestled chest-to-chest and nose-to-nose with the enemy!

Shoulder-to-shoulder, hundreds of thousands of Muslims of every race performed prayers, faced a slaughter and screamed loud that Muslims are united at heart, soul, body and sword.

The spirit of Gallipoli made the impossible possible!

The spirit of Gallipoli is one that foiled all the plots of the last Crusaders and imperialists, and buried them into the waters of the Dardanelles!

The spirit of Gallipoli was one where thousands raced to fight, even though they differed in skin color, the language they spoke and the region they hailed from; their hearts beat as one with the same dreams for the truth as they held their heads high and met their deaths gladly to protect their faith against blasphemy!

The spirit of Gallipoli was the name of the epic resistance that the oppressed put up against imperialists!

The spirit of Gallipoli was the name of a spectacular resurrection epic that showed the world: even if the imperialists buried the Ottoman empire deep into history, they could never destroy its soul!

It was a song of heroic resistance to which history does not do justice.

A saintly spirit that will unite the Muslim world and awaken it!

It was this spirit of resistance that canonized Çanakkale ! It was a beloved spirit in which an unprecedented indomitable resistance was dictated by the love of truth and the children of that truth, who embodied this unparalleled resistance, wrote history to uphold the honor of the flag of righteousness!

It was this cherished spirit of surrender that wrote the martyrs’ names of Gallipoli down in history with golden letters as they said, “No matter what the cost, Gallipoli cannot be crossed and Istanbul cannot fall,” penetrating all trenches and facing the guns of the enemy head on, building trenches with blood to teach the last Crusaders a lesson they would not forget.

That spirit faces extinction today!

This spectacular, unwithering, rejuvenative spirit of Islamic fraternity, which united Muslims, from Yemen to Bosnia, from Aleppo to Beirut, from Skopje to Cairo, in body and soul, which led them to sacrifice their lives for the caliphate, God and the truth; that very spirit today faces danger of extinction!

Whereas the spirit that will unite the Muslim world is that very spirit of Gallipoli!

And the spirit that will protect this country from cultural and mental occupation, the spirit that will rebuild the civilization of truth, that will gift humanity justice, fairness, fraternity and peace, is the spirit that congregated all Muslims in Çanakkale, built trenches from their blood and souls and led them to martyrdom!

If we can keep this spirit alive and well, and incorporate it into every fiber of our lives, then no one can make us kneel and the Gallipolis of Turkey can never be penetrated!


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