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Turkey needs a lasting, comprehensive immigration strategy

Westerners invaded all continents, plundered all cultures and enslaved millions of people from all continents.

They imprisoned those they brought as slaves in ghettos.

Then, in postcolonial times, worker-slaves began to flock to Western cities…


Western capitals were split in two: two separate populations, natives and immigrants, began to live in their own little worlds. Filled with anger and looking at each other with hatred…

Immigrants also experienced a migration from the cities they first moved to… They fled to the suburbs, to cities’ outskirts; they built ghettos in the slums!

The cities were divided into two: the stage was thus set for civil war to break out. Governments offered no solutions, and they didn't really care. Racist policies were developed by these governments themselves after all, and what they could not implement was either by unleashing their intelligence agencies or covertly orchestrating provocations or by inciting fascist insults. So despicable were these Westerners! These civilized barbarians!

Modern western metropolises resembled cemeteries, meanwhile, the inner city, its suburbs, its outskirts, and over time everywhere else, turned into a battlefield.

Western imperialists did not refrain from treating immigrants, to whom they owe their wealth from colonial times, in an inhumane and brutal manner. The type of viciousness adopted when dealing with immigrants led them to react with the same fervor.

Life in Western cities became a living hell, they turned into ghost towns where simmering tensions come to a boil every now and again...


We were never colonialists. Our immigrants, our minorities have always been cherished. Because we are the children of a civilization built on mercy. We had our heart. The heart of the truth lived and made the truth of the heart live and always lived in us.

That's why we never hesitated to grant the most senior positions of the state to minorities and immigrants.

Although we have such a wonderful, immaculate history that we hold as an example and model to the whole world, it is unacceptable to let Turkey's big cities be transformed into hellish Western cities.

We have also begun to have an immigration problem. If we do not take strong, deep-rooted and permanent measures, our cities may also turn into a living hell - God forbid!

What happened in Ankara’s Altındağ is a harbinger of how the unresolved and postponed immigration problem will drag the country into an environment of civil strife .

This is scary.

Frightening indeed.

And it's irritating.

A young Turkish brother of ours was killed during a fight on Sunday with someone of a Syrian origin. A brawl between Syrians and young people living in Altındağ ensued. Things got out of control towards the evening, turning into an attack against Syrians, their homes, livelihoods, cars and children! Such behavior is typical of Western despicable fascists.

Children of the Ottoman Empire, the pinnacle of mercy and justice, cannot stoop that low!

They are dragging Turkey into the Refugee-Host conflict after Turkish-Kurdish tensions!

Crimes are individual.

No one can try to assume the role of the state!

This will lead the country to disaster - God forbid.

It's like a rehearsal for civil war in Altındağ...

Is what happened in Altındağ a Gladio operation?

The state must thoroughly examine this incident!

On top of all this, there is an uncontrolled influx of refugees from Afghanistan!

There is a lack of strategic intelligence here.

It is a big problem that asylum seekers can so easily enter the country!

Could it be Iran behind this?

Cohesive and urgent solutions must be produced before this issue metastasizes.


We are the children of the Ottomans and the Seljuks.

We are not a society that doesn’t tolerate differences, cultures or beliefs.

We are the children of the only civilization that has shown the whole world how to coexist in peace with societies belonging to different cultures and beliefs, underan order of peace and security, within the framework of the principles of justice and equity.

Currently, Turkey is facing a problem that we have not experienced in our history: the refugee problem. The difference between the concepts of immigrant, refugee and asylum seeker is a secondary issue in this context.

Now the refugee problem has started to take on a dangerous dimension, snowballing and showing a tendency to spiral out of control.

Afghan refugees are still arriving at our borders with Iran

A wall is being built on our border! This struck me as weird!

We are the children of a civilization that embraces the oppressed, not one that builds walls. Therefore, even in its waning days, Ahmet Cevdet Pasha regarded the Ottoman Empire as "the last oasis of humanity."

Likewise, I see our country in exactly the same way, and I will add that Anatolia represents Noah's ark, the last refuge of humanity.

Throughout history, we have had such a good moral attitude towards those who took refuge in our lands. We have never slapped away the hand that asks us for help in all four continents of the world.

This is a very important historical fact.

There is another burning truth in front of us right now: the growing problem of immigrants and asylum seekers, whose destination is uncertain.

The immigration problem seems to be spiraling out of our control! If measures are not taken, it can grow exponentially and gain dimensions that will shake us all, including the immigrants themselves.

What I don't understand is the following: How is it possible for so many Afghans to cross the border so easily? Why are there are so very few people who will say "stop" before things get to where they currently are.

Turkey needs a strong and comprehensive immigration strategy and policy. It seems that this issue will grow at an alarming rate and it will inflict pain on everyone.

That's why mercy, justice and nobility should be our indispensable principles here.


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