Turkey is spoiling imperialists’ games! That’s what’s driving them crazy! - YUSUF KAPLAN

Turkey is spoiling imperialists’ games! That’s what’s driving them crazy!

Operation Euphrates Shield paved the way for Turkey to achieve true independence. Hence, Operation Euphrates Shield went into history as a turning point, a milestone in Turkey’s fight for independence and its future.


As a matter of fact, Operation Euphrates Shield was planned earlier, but it was not launched as key state institutes were taken over and controlled by the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). This is exactly why some of our operations in Syria did not yield the outcome we had desired.

I am saying this for the first time here. I had obtained this information directly from our Turkmen-origin Syrian soldier brothers who were conducting an operation in the security zone back in the time.

I was shocked when I had first heard it.

A Turkmen commander – with whom we had an exclusive meeting – had said, “We decide to carry out an operation but our plans always go wrong. The YPG and the regime’s troops suddenly gain the upper hand, and we give up all our plans and withdraw.”

So, why was everything going wrong?

This wonderful man had added, “The FETÖ-member soldiers on the Turkish side would inform the other side before we started the operation, and at the time of the operation, those said people would disappear.”

Therefore, the Euphrates Shield was an operation that was delayed at least three-four years.

Once the military was cleansed of FETÖ, Operation Euphrates Shield was launched without any further delay – after repelling the July 15, 2016, invasion and coup attempt.

Following the Euphrates Shield, we started to take the initiative in the area. Thus, despite Turkey downing a Russian aircraft as the result of a FETÖ plot, Russia would need Turkey to start the Astana process: this both paved the way for Russia who was settling deep in the region. So, this should be noted too. Let us at least underline here Russia being our “neighbor” both in the north and south, and it reaching a position where it is almost sieging Turkey.


The current internal agenda item in the U.S. is Turkey.

U.S. President Donald Trump is being slammed even in the States due to the vile letter Trump is claimed to have written to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, which ignores all rules of diplomatic protocol.

Yet, there are those in our country who are pleased about this letter – and there are quite a few of them.

Why was this letter, which was written on Oct. 9 leaked now?

Secondly, we gave the response to this through the Peace Spring Operation, by carrying out a successful operation that could serve as a lesson to both YPG terrorists and their U.S. supporters - and we will continue to teach this lesson.

No military power can get Turkey out of there. The Trump administration urgently had its Secretary of Defense Mike Pence sent to Turkey. They are urgently expected to stop Turkey's advancement through meetings.

But Turkey can never step back! Turkey stepping back will be suicide.

Right now we are carrying out a powerful diplomatic attack, while also advancing fast on the ground with our heroic, enduring, sacrificing and loyal troops.


Let it be known that the terror state second Israel project, which was going to be Israel and imperialists' puppet, was collapsed.

Such an act by Turkey, which they thought was under their control, shocked all imperialists.

This is why Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and as a result, Israel are going crazy.

This is why the U.S. has no clue what to do; it is just brooding about what evil it can do.

This is why the big guys of the European Union, France and Germany are furious.

Turkey spoiled a very big game; it destroyed imperialists’' plot.

And this is just now! There is more to come. Really, everything is just starting.

Let us never forget that despite everything, the Ottoman Empire was collapsed and wiped out of history as a result of the traps set against us in World War I.

The same plot could be planned now as well. Russia and the U.S. may be acting together with Israel. They may want to corner Turkey and suffocate it.

Turkey must continue with its attacks on the ground and in diplomacy without overlooking all these and more, and spoil the game of YPG puppets, who have messed the region's ethnic maps, and the imperialists, who are remotely but overtly controlling them.

Turkey repelling the second Israel project that will turn the region into a gangrene difficult to recover from and trigger all kinds of disorders will lead to extremely important outcomes not only for us, but also in terms of the region's future.

After the Peace Spring Operation, nothing will ever be the same again!


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