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Turkey and Islam’s trial with the ‘Arabs’

The arrival of Islam is a milestone in human history: in the first half of the century, Islam spread to China, to the Pacific in the East, and all the way to the Iberian Peninsula, to the Atlantic in the West. This is a never-before-seen event in history. History philosophers have difficulty explaining how Islam spread “at the speed of lightning.”

The sun of Islam

Think about it: since its birth, Islam sentenced the three-millennia-old spectacular Chinese civilization, the two-millennia-old Indian civilization, as well as the struggling Roman civilization and the Church to the dark corners of history, and left them all in the shadows.

The prophetic call had built a sacred prophetic age, an always fresh and new prophetic zeitgeist that would enrich all times, all ages, and all civilization journeys, that would feed all civilizations before and after it, while itself will thrive from all of them, and view humanity’s experiences through the filter of revelation to achieve semantic transformation and present it to humanity in the light of the civilization of truth.

The birth of Islam became the birth of a sun that would both warm humanity and illuminate the world.

Arabs reached Islam's civilization march through Arabic, the language of the Quran, with the century of the companions / the rightly guided successors of Prophet Muhammad, the century of the predecessors, and the century of tadween throughout the entire world - with the exception of the U.S.

Muslim Andalusia and Sicily enlightened Europe. The torch of truth set alight in the Arabian peninsula radiated all the way into India, Turkestan and China. Just as the Mongolian and Crusade attacks were about to wreak havoc on the Muslim world, Turks accepted Islam.

The arrival of the Turks

Turks' acceptance of Islam was a milestone in world history. This changed both the course of the history of Muslims and the world.

Turks, Arabs and Kurds resisted against the Mongolian and Crusade attacks together. The religious enthusiasm newly adopted by Turks, their sincere practice of the religion brought a fresh, recovering, reviving spirit to the Muslim world.

Turks, who, from this time onward, became the sole determining actor, driving force and founding will of both the world’s and Islam’s history, also built the founding and protective history metaphysics that gave direction and spirit to history.

It was this founding and protective history metaphysics that made it possible for Turks to thwart both the Crusade and Mongolian attacks, and carry the love and light of truth from the depths of Asia to the depths of Europe with a world order that gifts the justice, equity and brotherhood of Islam to humanity.

Turks never made this historic journey race-based like European nations; they made it truth-based. This is why they developed a universal cosmopolis, a global civilization experience that gives the right to live not only to themselves, but that allows others the right to live too.

This truth civilization journey, which reached its peak with the Ottomans, and sowed the seeds of the refined human, raises humans, and can Be considered a point of perfection in history, did not bow down to modernity's aggressive challenge, capitalism's ravenousness; it did not surrender to capitalism like China and India today; on the contrary, it resisted against capitalist paganism to protect its soul, even if this meant physically withdrawing from history.

'Arab betrayal'

The wild capitalist attack led by the British divided the Arab world too.

Arabs, especially the Saudis, succumbed to the seductions of the British; they both rebelled against the Ottomans through the orders led by the Sharif Husseins, and were provoked through Wahhabism.

The whole Arab world did not betray the Ottomans like the Saudis/Wahhabis. As a matter of fact, they even fought against them to keep the Ottoman caliphate alive and standing.

If we must talk about an Arab betrayal, this is the betrayal that started in the period following the Ottoman Empire's collapse and climaxed today: the betrayal of both Islam and Arabs themselves.

The British used the Saudis as they wished during the period they made the Khawarij mentality the backbone of Muslim communities through Wahhabism and neo-Salafism.

Let us not forget, the Khawarij mentality became the backbone of the Muslim world for the first time in history, and thus prevented the it from attaining the intellectual level and breakthrough to make a civilization leap. This is the first example of Arabs' - and especially the Saudis' - betrayal of Islam in the last two centuries.

As if this was not enough, the natural gas and oil reserves of the Arab world were made available to imperialists: this is the Saudis', Gulf countries' betrayal of the oppressed peoples of the Muslim world.

A more terrifying betrayal has been ongoing in the last quarter century: the Saudis are realizing step by step, not only the British's but also Israel's projects, expanding Israel's area of hegemony in the region to the utmost, and so to say, they do not even hesitate to sell off Jerusalem in this process.

The Saudis who led the Khawarij mentality yesterday have now undertaken the project to protestantize Islam.

The Arab front against Turkey

This final "Arab betrayal" process peaked with the project to build an Arab front against Turkey.

After the coup attempt that took place on July 15, 2016, the global system is trying to build an Arab front against Turkey, using the Saudis and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Note that the global system sees Turkey making certain progress in the struggle to find the direction and orbit it lost since the Tanzimat (reform) era, starting to embrace its civilization claim despite the cultural collapse within the country, and that the Muslim world's fate depends on Turkey's recovery, making it mad.

Hence, it is provoking the Arab world to form a front against Turkey.

Unless Arabs and Turkey do not support one another together with the other Muslims tribes, the Muslim world can never ever recover. The Saudis and some Gulf countries that have been acting like the slaves of the West for two centuries, and have been used in disgusting ways in the process of obstructing Islam, cannot give an account for this, and neither can they save themselves from supporting the West's project to turn the Arabian peninsula into the Persian peninsula, and hence dividing the Muslim world into two in time, and thus being wiped out of history.


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