The world has a ‘Jewish question’: This is Zionist belligerence! - YUSUF KAPLAN

The world has a ‘Jewish question’: This is Zionist belligerence!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has once again murdered Muslims on the holy Islamic holiday of Eid. He attacked Jerusalem, and al-Aqsa Mosque. Without discriminating between the women and elderly, he rained down bullets over innocent people who had built a human shield inside al-Aqsa Mosque in order to protect the holy site! 

Then he attacked Gaza. He is slaughtering and driving his country to the verge of a controlled chaos in order to get ahead in the elections! 


Humanity fails as children are being murdered in Al-Aqsa! 

They never fail to turn Muslims’ Eid into hell, and prove to the whole world the kind of despicable creatures they are! 

Think about it: They set fire to al-Aqsa Mosque, kill children, and then dance wildly! 

What is this? 

It is the end of humanity as we know it! 

The belligerent Jews deserved all sorts of punishment and banishment throughout history due to this barbarism, and inhumane, despicable behavior! 

They deserve it now as well! 

But they have the world under such a spell that they use countries, leaders, elites, media, everyone and everything as their servants, as their slaves to serve their own interests, to whitewash their own savagery, to present their occupation, invasion, and ethnic cleansing as normal, and resorting to all sorts of barbaric methods to do this! 


Child murderers are being endorsed!

They are using the world, countries, state leaders as their servants, their slaves. 

Instead of standing up against the brutal massacre of children, babies, women, youngsters in front of al-Aqsa Msoque, instead of condemning the insane administrators of Israel, which has proven it is a terror state with all the massacres it is committing, and making a call for the end of civilian killings, U.S. President Joe Biden made a vile and horrific statement saying, “We support Israel’s right to defend itself,” proving how ruthless he is! 

Other Western countries are no different! 

What does this signify? 

This is a sign that Western civilization has morally collapsed, and that it is committing a crime against humanity by normalizing this disgraceful and barbaric behavior of the powerful against the weak. 

The secular and capitalist Western civilization is humanity’s enemy. 

The biggest obstacle against mankind building a humane world is the capitalist Western civilization, which both legitimizes and covers up Zionist crimes against humanity. And since it legitimizes and covers them up, it is partner to this crime; it is committing a crime against humanity. 



Marx’s Jew: the last, most sophisticated capitalist! 

Karl Marx was right when he said, “Jews are the last and most sophisticated capitalists of the world,” in his book titled, “On the Jewish Question.” We grasp this better now.  

The most sophisticated capitalist, in other words, the most belligerent Jew is the ruthless Machiavellian who disregards everything that is sacred and idolizes money, power and the world, who bows down to all sorts of power to get more; and then, once in possessesion, makes everybody surrender to its power and considers everything fair game on the path to reaching the final goal. 

This capitalist Jewish type is ruling the world; it is sucking the world’s blood and bringing blow upon blow down on the Muslim world. 

It is causing suffering and bloodshed in the Islamic world, because Muslims are the only ones resisting against the injustices and oppression of this ruthless species. The strongest and most practical confrontation against capitalism comes from the Islamic holy scripture, the Quran; Islamic civilization, which is the practical form of this scripture, whose foundations were laid with Prophet Muhammad; and today’s Muslims, who are resisting against Jewish capitalists.  

Islam is the biggest enemy facing Jews, and the savage capitalism under the control of Jewish cartels. Hence, there is no peace for Jewish capitalism until they eliminate Islam and make Muslims surrender to the unruly and deviant exploitation order of the Jewish capitalist. 



History will hold belligerent Zionists accountable once again! 

Their savagery will force Zionist Jews to kneel before history once more! 

Because history will make child murderers answer for their crimes! 

Because history will make them answer for the tortures, rape, and massacres committed against innocent women and young men! 

Because history will hold them accountable for the crimes against humanity, the invasions it committed with the leaders of the global capitalist system, using horrific nuclear weapons, its monstrous power, capable of ensuring all institutions of the world serve its own interests. 

The world has an “unruly Jewish problem.” 

Because history is going to make “the last and most sophisticated capitalist Jew” answer for using the money, speed and cultural industry – that it has under its global spell – to stupefy and numb the world transform humanity into cattle! 

Which history?

The history we will be making, of course! 

We, Turks! 

I am in no way promoting hostility against Jews here. I am simply drawing attention to the fact that there is an “unruly Jewish problem” that the world needs to face, and see that the Zionist power, which has taken over all sorts of controls, is enslaving humanity. Innocent Jews remain innocent; there are even those Jews who are rising up against these unruly Zionists. 

We are going through a difficult Eid. From East Turkestan to Jerusalem, our hearts are on fire! 

Yet, we will not hold back on turning Eid into an opportunity for resurrection and brotherhood. I sincerely wish  all my readers a blessed Eid al-Fitr. 


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