The West is in a coma... Turkey is on the road... - YUSUF KAPLAN

The West is in a coma... Turkey is on the road...

We are going through a historic period.

We have reached the threshold of the intersection:
Either we will be or die. 

We will either exist or not. 

But we always were; we existed: As we existed so did the world; it breathed. 
The matter of life or death, the difference between existence and nonexistence, is not an intersection that we alone have reached. This is a challenging period the world is going through. 


For the first time in centuries, our decision or performance is going to shape the course of the world. 

This might sound like a very challenging, overexaggerated observation that has no basis. 
If you buried your head in the sand, if you do not have enough depth to read the problem the world is going through both in philosophy/theory and practice, then all this might sound like very challenging, overexaggerated imaginary claims that have no basis.  
On the contrary, if you have enough knowledge of history philosophy to help you grasp what is happening as a whole, you can see more clearly that what is happening, at least what we have been experiencing after the end of the Cold War, means, in Wallerstein's appropriate and provocative definition, "the end of the world we know," that the world is being dragged to the verge of an "era of unknowns," that efforts are made for the last quarter century to establish the world of the future, that we will be in a determining position in the establishment of the world of the future, and thus, that the U.S. and Germany altogether, have, from both inside and outside, placed Turkey on the target board.  


The Ottomans were the element of balance for the world even in the century it collapsed. This was known and acknowledged by the then super power British who resorted to all sorts of atrocities, our relentless enemy, the Russians, and our instigative and fake ally, the Germans.

The moment the Ottomans were stopped is when the world's balance was ruined. 
The Caucasus, Balkans, the Arab world were all torn into pieces; the Turkish world was destroyed. 
The imperialists were at each other's throats with both world wars. 
The fact that the Ottomans could not be eliminated to this day is what lies at the bottom of the current global, regional and national problems we are experiencing. 
The Ottomans were stopped; they were literally wiped out of history, but could not be virtually finished or destroyed. 
It couldn't be destroyed, because as stated by the greatest history philosopher of our age, the Ibn Haldun of Western civilization, Arnold Tonybee, "The Ottomans are the future of humanity." 
As a result of the education system left from the colonialists, the Arab world saw the Ottomans as imperialists. But after what we experienced in the last decade or so, this perception of the Ottomans as imperialists was fast destroyed and everyone started to hope for the Ottomans, and is now remembering them with gratitude. 
Meanwhile, something else happened: Publications on the Ottoman Empire soared in the Arab world. 
A similar process happened much beyond this region, in the Balkans and Caucasus. 
Everybody, from Yemen to Indonesia, to South Africa, to Patani, started to long for the Ottoman Empire and remember it with fondness. 


But why?
There is one answer to this question: At a time period in which the West colonized the world, wiped out all civilizations, the Ottomans alone had given the right to live to all religions, cultures and civilizations, and taken from Medina the formula to coexist in peace and calm, in a just and fair order. 
As a matter of fact, when late Necmettin Erbakan became prime minister in 1996, Western media's common headline was, "The return of the Ottomans."
Hence, Turkey's coming, which started with Turgut Özal's founding the Black Sea Organization for Cooperation, continued with Erbakan's prime ministry and, for the last decade, gained pace with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's strategic steps, was perceived everywhere as the return of the Ottomans; both in the West and the oppressed world. It scared the West, but gave hope to the oppressed. 
The question here is: 

Was Turkey really coming?

Turkey does not yet have the tools and readiness to present to the world a civilization idea. But it has this spirit. Hence, Turkey was the only world country to open its arms to the oppressed without expecting anything in return. 
This gave hope to masses, from the Balkans to the Malay basin, in waves; these masses constantly prayed for us. 

Because Turkey is the only country to overcome the Muslim world's unfortunate fate – similar to the past. The West saw very well this fact, the wind blowing around Turkey.  

They are placing Turkey on the target board before Turkey even turned virtual hope to actual hope. 
Despite Turkey being a member of the Western alliance, despite it being connected to Western insitutes, they started to openly declare that they will not be held back from setting traps for Turkey, conducting coups, protecting the coup plotters and feeding the terrorists.
What is this? The pathology of the end of the West and stopping Turkey's coming under every circumstance and condition. 

The West is in a coma: It is experiencing such a philosophical collapse that it cannot produce great thinkers, artists, wisemen. 

Like in every event of a major collapse, it is becoming aggressive and cannot be stopped from turning the world into a bloodbath.  
It sees Turkey as its nightmare. 
Now, the world is facing a preference: To be or die. To exist or not. 

If we be, if we exist, recover and get back on our feet, a new world might be established and the existing one will collapse in time. 

I had said: Turkey is the world's spirit, the West's nightmare and hope for the oppressed. 
This was felt by the West and seen and felt by the oppressed world.

That is why the oppressed world, the Balkans, the Caucasus and the Turkish world are waiting for us to come. 

Our coming depends on our coming to ourselves. 

All we are experiencing is to prevent us from coming to ourselves. 

This is the issue. 

Of course Turkey is going to stand tall, but it is going to be careful and not make mistakes; it is going to look ahead, put itself into order and prepare for the journey outside.

That's all. 


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