The two perpetual problems keeping Turkey from its civilization claims - YUSUF KAPLAN

The two perpetual problems keeping Turkey from its civilization claims

Those who say Turkey has no perpetuity problem are deceived, and have no idea what Turkey has been going through for the last two centuries.

Let it be known that with Tanzimat (Reform), Turkey lost its direction, and with the Republic, it lost its orbit. It turned from a game-changing, history-making actor into a walk-on dragged in front of the history shaped by the West.

It is absurd to say that a society that has lost its direction and orbit is "free," and that they determine their own fate.

If we were to compare Turkey with the UK and Germany...

It could be beneficial to compare the countries that played a key role in making world history in the last two centuries with Turkey.

Despite going through two big world wars, despite facing a great destruction did the British and Germans choose to change their direction or orbit, cancel their civilization claims and journey like we did?

Of course not.

They experienced great destruction, but they never displayed the carelessness of changing their direction and orbit like us. The British were the founding actors of capitalism, while the Germans were that of modern thought - with Kant. They collapsed with world wars, but they were not eliminated. They continued to exist, because they did not display the carelessness of changing their direction and orbit like we did; they confronted the problems they were going through, they settled their scores, and upon reaching that point, the British built a U.K. that reassumed their global (evil-devil) claims; and the Germans managed to rise from their ashes after being razed to the ground from wars, and become a driving country that would build the future of Europe, which rolled up its sleeves to make major economic breakthroughs.

Could the British and Germans have recovered if they had doubted themselves, if they had they denied or rejected their own civilization background like us? Of course not.

If you lose your civilization claims, you cannot even continue to exist

The painful truth not seen by Turkey's intelligentsia, by the elitocracy putting Turkey in order for the last two decades is that by rejecting your civilization claims, you cannot even continue your existence, let alone recovering and reaching a modern level of civilization.

Civilization claims are the sole source of a society's creative spirit and founding will. A society that denies or rejects its creative spirit and founding will cannot and will not ever be able to escape losing its direction and orbit, and hence experiencing perpetuity problems.

Let us not forget that we shaped the fate of Islamic history for a millennium, and changed the flow of world history.

We were the ones who provoked Europeans into history.

The Europeans started making world history after managing to stop us especially with Tanzimat.

Turkey is in a life-and-death struggle against the attacks both within and from the outside for two centuries.

For two centuries, this country was taken out of the hands of its children ; they were tied down with shackles called laicism; their civilization claims were abandoned, Turkey, which could not be physically colonized by the West, was mentally colonized from within by laciest pro-West circles; it was epistemically enslaved.

Turkey has been fighting for its perpetuity for the last two centuries; it is tasting the sword of Damocles with the coups it has been encountering once every decade since we switched to the multi-party democratic life.


Turkey is facing two kinds of perpetuity problems. The first is the open and covert threats coming from outside.

Despite being a member of the Western alliance (Western organizations such as NATO, OECD), as clearly seen in the July 15, 2016 invasion and coup attempt, Turkey was positioned by Western imperialist countries as an open threat.

Let it be known that even though Turkey falls over itself saying we are a Western country, the West will never believe this, and they know very well that one day, we are going to gird on our civilization claim and fight to become a key actor again in making history along the axis of our own direction and orbit.

The second perpetuity problem is the epistemical enslavement threat within: The mental enslavement of this country which could not be physically colonized by the West from the outside - making it fall in love with its executioner.

Epistemical enslavement, which has hit the peak in education, culture, and media life, is leading this country to destroy its directional orbit with its own hands, and be dragged to suicide.

This is where Turkey's true perpetuity problem lies: If we cannot solve this cultural and mental perpetuity problem, we can never prevent this country from being controlled and destroyed from within - without any need to invade it from the outside.

If we can manage to build an education, culture and media world that has reached cultural and mental freedom, that has won over epistemical enslavement, this country will never lose its independence and freedom even if invaded from the outside


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