The New Zealand massacre and the fear of the Islamization of the world - YUSUF KAPLAN

The New Zealand massacre and the fear of the Islamization of the world

Renowned researcher Marshall Hodgson once made the following observation: if a Martian were to visit the planet Earth between the 16th and 18th century, it would conclude after seeing that Muslims make up the majority of the inhabitants from Morocco to Indonesia that “I guess this is a planet inhabited by Muslims”. This was Marshall Hodgson’s observation.

People are pouring into mosques after the massacre

Some interesting developments are taking place after the massacre: Since the massacre, the number of people who converted to Islam has surpassed 400.

New Zealanders and Australians are pouring into mosques.

There are two reasons for this:

First, the vicious massacre of innocent people during prayer both aroused disdain all over the world and resulted in a wave of sympathy for Muslims. The people who were massacred were, in fact, the most oppressed, the most peace-loving, the most positive and helpful people on earth.

That is why, mosques, primarily in New Zealand but also in certain countries in Europe and America, were filled with non-Muslim people; they formed human shields around the mosques so that Muslims could safely conduct their prayers.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand has a great role in this with her support for the oppressed and their families, through wearing the clothes they wear, through standing by their side, and through sharing in their sufferings.

Here, we need to sincerely congratulate Prime Minister Ardern of New Zealand for her outstanding leadership and her perfect crisis management.

The second reason that people are pouring into mosques after the massacre is that they are curious about Islam and they are eager to learn about it. So it is no surprise that since the conversion of the chief commissioner of New Zealand to Islam the number of conversions have significantly increased.

“The war on terror” was a smokescreen for the “war on Islam”!

Probably these two reasons were enough for Western intelligence agencies who planned this attack, to bitterly regret what they have done!

This is an outcome that has never occurred to those who planned this terrorist attack.

However, the objective of the imperialist countries that put the “war on terror” strategy into practice was just the opposite: To reverse the strengthening process for the Muslim world and Islam’s strengthening in every field and to stop the visible Islamization trend in the Western societies.

“War on terror” was just a smokescreen; their real problem was with Islam. The fact that Islam has become both the most important actor in the Muslim world and becoming the most researched and the fastest growing religion in Western societies at a time when Christianity is in decline and atheism is becoming widespread was enough to put Western capital cities on red alert.

They hastily ended the Cold War; in 1990, Willy Claes the Secretary-General of NATO at that time, overtly declared that NATO adopted the “war on Islam” strategy by saying that “the biggest obstacle facing the global system is Islam.”

“War on terror” was a diversion. The actual objective was fighting Islam through postmodern methods, which means through subtle means and through hypocrisy.

Terrorist organizations were to be formed and it would be understood from their murderous actions that these are vicious terrorist organizations that waged war against the West…

Striking many birds with one stone

Thus, they would kill many birds with one stone.

First of all, growing interest in Islam within Western societies would be halted.

I can say that they are partly successful in this regard. I was in London during 1980s, when Islam had then become a center of attraction especially among the upper crust, among the intellectuals, and the interest in Islam and rates of conversions were rising rapidly. I personally witnessed that growing interest.

To tell the truth I always had doubts that Islam was made a center of attraction by certain powers and I always feared that the Western powers could actually interfere while I was living in London.

My feelings, and of course my historical interpretations were not proven wrong: in one instance, Islam was demonized through these terrorist organizations and a strong sense of enmity against Islam was formed within western societies.

Thus this paved the way for another development: The increasing power of Islam among the Muslim world also shrank and rakish forms of secularization, with the support of neoliberal policies, was rapidly taking root.

Thirdly, the crisis of modernity, which is a great philosophical crisis was suppressed by the techno-paganism of postmodernism, and hence, by showing the murders of terrorist organizations in the Muslim world, they were trying to get Western Societies to be grateful.

However, the crisis of modernity which was experienced by the entire world was an existential crisis: The idea of God was destroyed, nature was destroyed, and even the future of humanity was under threat.

The Western Civilization, which created all these problems did not allow any room for other cultures, religions, civilizations and fossilized all religions, eradicated all other civilizations and assimilated the entire world.

The only religion which was resisting against the West and trying to stand up despite all difficulties was Islam and the only actors were Muslims. The only country which is capable of reviving the history of Muslims is still Turkey!

Will Marshall Hodgon’s depiction become true again?

I don’t know about that but I can tell you this much: The New Zealand massacre will throw imperialists into a panic and inadvertently result in introducing Islam to the world.


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