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The monster in our hands and homes

That day passed like a nightmare in Turkey. Young Emine Bulut was brutally murdered and stabbed several times by her husband as her 10-year-old daughter cried out, “Mommy, please don’t die.”

I did not watch the full footage available online. My heart cannot withstand such violence.

There can be no excuse for such a horrific murder. Nobody can take away a person’s right to live but God. The murderer must be punished in the harshest way.

Bringing a country to its knees through perception operations is easier than doing it by war

Do you want to know a society?

Look at their media and how they use their media.

Do you want to bring a society to its knees?

Change the way they perceive events.

Thus, the masses’ minds would be blinded, their brain would die, after which it will be possible to direct them in the desired manner.

Do you want to drag a country into chaos, take control over it politically, economically and strategically?

Do not worry: You have a weapon such as the media.

Bombard them through the media: It is enough that you change the perception of masses, shape their mind as you desire.

Therefore, all global, regional and local operations are first conducted through the media and then, if need be, it is carried to squares.

Therefore, victories are no longer won through military battles fought out on the battlefield: They are won through cyber wars fought in media.

Bringing a country to its knees by subjecting it to media shelling is both a lot easier and cost-efficient than doing this by fighting them with weapons.

Media murder in Turkey

This is exactly what is being done in Turkey. This country does not have a media. This society does not have a media regime that popularizes and conveys its cultural values and civilization claims to the masses.

The country is dominated by a vulgar, colonial mentality media that is adjusted to ratings, making a hit, estranging and corrupting. Vulgar television series, disgusting television programs are tearing apart our cultural values, promoting rape and murder, and cultivating the likes of “Emine Bulut’s murderer.”

The media is killing our morality and cultural values. It is doing everything to collapse the institution of family. It is making immorality, corruption and becoming shallow the norm.

This is a complete murder. This is the actual murder. This is the real murder that is the source of all murders. Because virtual reality, the artificial reality produced by perception, is more real than reality. Media outlets are the discovery branch of colonialism. Collapsing the institution of family, killling the values of the society, and the open display of murders to adapt the public to murders is the media’s only means of livelihood. Is this what the Turkish media has come to?

The Supreme Board of Radio and Television (RTÜK), why do you exist, what good are you?

What is the world coming to?

Vulgar Turkish television series, disgusting television programs do not only destroy this society. They kill every society they enter.

A society that fought in the past to spread the word of God is now doing things that will spoil the morality of other Muslim communities.

What is the world coming to!

The media is more dangerous than nuclear weapons

I mentioned it in a previous article: Great thinker Heidegger says: “The camera is a gun pointed at the viewer.”

Media is not a means of communication. It is a means of establishing power and dominance. The powers that have control over the media get the world to kneel.

The media is more dangerous than nuclear weapons. The gun kills directly, painfully, making one scream. The media kills indirectly, painlessly, seducing its audience.

The media’s strength is in its “indirect address” to masses. People do not pay much attention to the media saying, “It is not like anything is going to happen, we are watching a film; it is fiction, after all.”

Yet, it is this “covert, indirect influence and power” that is exactly what the media needs to strengthen it and add greater strength to its power.

The monster in our hands and homes

Hence, to avoid disappearing, we need to use these media outlets for a while.

In the following period, it is inevitable that we establish our own media forms and make philosophical and aesthetic efforts to form our own media discourse.

We cannot get anywhere or establish a world with these belligerent, destructive media forms. Forming a media regime and discourse that is based on the balance between beings, humans and nature, reciprocal existence and creation is one of the most fundamentals ways of guaranteeing our future and presenting a future.

The existing media in Turkey is using the most vulgar form of the secular/pagan Western belligerent media, and its functions to corrupt and degenerate.

If we fail to destroy this media order and establish a unique media regime and discourse that specifically focuses on talking not clashing, that focuses on respect and not enmity, love and not hatred in accordance with our own cultural values, we will see many more victims such as Emine Bulut sacrificed to the current corrupt and degenerate media.


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