The footsteps of the second Gezi incident! - YUSUF KAPLAN

The footsteps of the second Gezi incident!

Let me tell you what I'll say at the end of the article right from the beginning;
For the last couple of days, there were some rehearsals for the 2nd Gezi incident! The “Alawite card” is being heated!
There might be great provocations! Beware!

Creepy phenomenon!

Dark hands first cut the electricity nationwide, then they settled accounts with the Sledgehammer case and gave way to all Sledgehammer defendants!
Afterwards, they settled accounts with the brave prosecutor, who was first assumed to darken the Berkin Elvan case, then it was understood on the contrary that he would be enlightening the whole case ! They had martyred Prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz!
This organization is an Alawite organization! The prosecutor was quite determined to enlighten the case. However, this Alawite terrorist organization doesn't want the case to be enlightened!
I wonder why?
This is a crucial question. Because, Berkin Elvan's father, who showed extraordinary effort in persuading the terrorists, told them, “We want justice, not revenge! You cannot think about my child more than me, release the prosecutor!” However, the terrorists paid no attention!
Thus, they executed the prosecutor!
It's not enough for them! This time, on the second day, this terrorist organization carried out an attack on a Police Office in Istanbul!

It's not a coincidence!

Are all these normal? Can they be incidental?
One thing is clear; Turkey is entering a critical election atmosphere. The oncoming elections are important, not only from the point of Turkey or in the sense of things falling into place in Turkey, but also from the point of the future of our region, which is dealing with great issues.
Thus, as we are nearing the elections, the button has been pressed to drag Turkey to the verge of chaos; Global evil powers and their networks within will not hold back from doing all they can to establish a tumultous environment, which will surely drag Turkey into a chaotic environment, ensuring that the strong single party rulership comes to an end! They are not hesitating either!

DHKP-C and the heated "Alawite Issue"

As a matter of fact, the incidents in the last couple of days, are showing us that the terrorist group DHKP-C has taken on the responsibility of dragging Turkey into chaos.
We shouldn't underrate DHKP-C.
It's not a coincidence that this terrorist organization is being put forth.
In the time period, when Turkey had covered an important distance in resolving the Kurdish matter, the objective of putting forth DHKP-C forth is to reverse the resolution process and to invent an artificial Alawite problem, which had been “heated” for decades especially in Germany, France and Britain, right after the Kurdish issue.
If an artificial Alawite problem is invented, then Turkey will lose all the acquisition it gained until today and regress at least 50 years!
Because, in that case, the resolution process will also collapse and all the steps taken by Turkey towards becoming a regional power will end and backfire!

Turkey will disintegrate!

Here, I'm warning the entire country of Turkey, along with it's rulership, opposition, press and community;
If an Alewite matter rises again, the resolution process will end, and Turkey will be dragged towards disintegration. May God forbid!
The abnormal phenomenon we've experienced for the past couple of days, seems like the footsteps of a 2nd Gezi incident, in my opinion.
We are passing through difficult times, where everyone, all the segments are required to act prudentially, with foresight and common sense.
There are instigators-plotters and traitors in this country, who are wringing their hands for Turkey to be dragged into a chaotic environment! We shouldn't give these low-lifes an opportunity!
Thus, at this point, the press has been burdened with great responsibility and duty; the media should abstain from broadcasting publications that will tense the country and drag it towards a chaos environment!

The community will not allow a second Gezi incident!

Ultimately, this is what I'd like to say:

Damn the terror!

Damn the ones who feed on terror!

Damn the ones who support terror!

Damn the traitors who want to drag Turkey towards chaos!

However, let's not fall for the trap and lose our common sense! This country belongs to all of us!

One thing is certain; Global evil forces and their networks had declared war against Turkey!

This stoic community will band together and not allow the second Gezi incident to happen!

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