The final war of liberty and independence started - YUSUF KAPLAN

The final war of liberty and independence started

The attack we came across on July 15 was more than a coup-terrorism kind of attack. It was an attempt to occupy Turkey.

The people backing their national will, becoming legends by standing in front of tanks and the balance strategy that we have been watching for a few months repelled the attacks.

This attack had a NATO patent and was planned by the U.S.-U.K.

We should understand that repelling the attack drove the U.S.-U.K. mad to the extent that NATO threatened a NATO-member country through its boss, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, as he said Turkey would be distanced from NATO. Later on they tried to change this statement but it was too late.


Whatever the reasons were for the Crusades to attack our ancestors in the past are the same reasons for the West to try and occupy Turkey and stop its growth.

The Muslim civilization experienced its first civilization crisis withak the Crusades and Mongolian attacks in the past. We overcame the first civilization crisis with the efforts of the Seljuks, Ayyubids and the Ottomans.

The second civilization crisis we experience is when European powers attacked the Ottomans for two long decades. The Muslim mind was disabled with a great crisis.

The Europeans stopped the Ottomans.

The lesson we need to take from this is that whatever the Europeans' reason was to stop the Ottomans in the past is the same reason for them trying to occupy Turkey today: Turkey pulling itself together and trying to pull the Muslim world together is exactly this!

The progress Turkey has made in the last quarter of the century, and especially in the past decade, has proved that Turkey has become the hope of the oppressed Muslims. This message has been clearly understood by the West and the Muslim people.


Pakistan and Egypt have been defeated. Parts of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and the Arabian Peninsula have been ruined.

Yet, they could not defeat Turkey and instead the whole world was shown that the only actor that will stand up for the Muslim world is Turkey.

Turkey, a country with its cultural depths, its different religions and cultures will rise from its ashes and once again pave the way for humanity and restart it true civilization journey…

Nature will take its course… The tyrant Western civilization which has been exterminating the roots of all other cultures and civilizations for the past three centuries is bound to be bid farewell…

Humanity will once again take refuge under the compassionate arms of a true civilization that is made up of justice, fairness, peace and brotherhood…

This will happen…

They have been closing in on Turkey from outside, causing chaos, trying to create civil war and bring Turkey to its knees for the past quarter of a century!

But, we showed them that we will not raise the defeat flag and instead we will direct our own future ourselves.

For this reason, the last period we went through is the final war of liberty and independence…


There are a few methods to repel these attacks:

1- Turkey might come across the attacks of NATO, the EU and Western countries in the mid and long terms. I am talking about explicit attacks!

The best way to repel these attacks is to follow a balance strategy in foreign politics. Just as Sultan Abdülhamid did.

Turkey should decrease the number of enemies it has and increase the number of allies as part of this balance strategy and increase its opportunities.

We should remember that: Projects like NATO and the EU are not our fundamental projects. Turkey can become a member for two reasons: The first is to stop any attacks that might come from the West and the second is to buy time in order to get ready for its own civilization journey.

2-We should cling together with and integrate with all groups within society, and ensure that our country is not prey for the carrion crows. Therefore we need to develop new policies to ensure this.

A country that is threatened from the outside and within needs to unite with brotherhood. This is important for Turkey's survival.


3-The archaic education, media, culture and arts that has become a gangrene for the dynamics of our society's cultural dynamics should be developed from scratch according to the dynamics of our civilization.

Therefore, as I have been saying for the past few years, this is our war of liberty and independence.

In order to do this in the best possible way, we have to concentrate on not only politics but ideologies, arts, education and the youth. We have to go into the depths of the “civilization" idea and start in the name of God.



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