The bullet killed innocent Muslims, but the gun was pointed at Turkey - YUSUF KAPLAN

The bullet killed innocent Muslims, but the gun was pointed at Turkey

A savage terrorist attack was conducted on two mosques during the Friday congregational prayer in a little New Zealand town called Christchurch. As many as 49 Muslims were barbarically massacred.

The footage recorded by the terrorist at the time he carried out the massacre are images that makes one’s blood run cold.

A long history of villainy

Murdering defenseless people, mass slaughter of innocent Muslims at a mosque is not only barbaric, it is also a low, cowardly, and dastardly act.

This savagery is like the summary of the imperialist West’s history and character.

Modern Western civilization does not consist of the history of scientific revolutions, political revolutions, economic revolutions alone; it is also the history of barbarism such as colonialism and imperialism.

Scientific revolutions, enlightenment revolutions, political and economic revolutions by the moderns are also types of barbarism: all of these revolutions resulted in the moderns’ domination of nature, but also the aims being overpowered by the means, humankind becoming enslaved by the means.

At the point reached, modern Western civilization emerged as an attack against God, an attack against nature, an attack against humanity and civilizations. These attacks show us that there is a philosophical barbarism that is dragging humanity to the verge of an ontological annihilation disaster.

It was inevitable for those barbarically attacking God, nature, humanity, and humanity’s civilization history to carrying out barbarisms they will lead to mass slaughters. World Wars I and II are enough to reveal the dimensions of the barbarism.

Even if not in New Zealand, terrorist actions in which such mass slaughters would be committed were expected. At least, let’s say I was expecting them. As a matter of fact, in an atmosphere which global tensions such as the power wars between Western powers (between the US and EU countries), the China-U.S. power war throw the world on the verge of economic problems and new chaos is expected, I believe mass slaughters against Muslims is going to increasingly continue.

Why was the gun pointed at Turkey?

Getting back to the terrorist act in New Zealand, it is clear that this act is not a random and individual one, but rather a well-planned act of intelligence agencies. Therefore, aspects of this terrorist act targeting Turkey cannot be coincidental.

The bullet was shot against innocent Muslims in New Zealand, but the gun was pointed at Turkey. Those who fail to see this are either fools or parasites.

Take a good look at the messages the terrorist inscribed on his weapons and you will see this.

The massacre in New Zealand revived the Crusader spirit – literally.

The following statement concerning us in the declaration the terrorist published is a morbid sign of this:

“The Hagia Sophia will be freed of minarets and

Constantinople will be rightfully christian owned once more.”

What is more, it is very telling that he speaks of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Turkey in the declaration using a threatening language. he has Turkofagos written on the rifle.

One of the cartridges have 1683, the year of the second Vienna Siege, written on them. The others have the name Miloš Obilić, belonging the Serbian who martyred Ottoman Sultan Murad I, written in Cyrillic.

The terrorist listens to Serbian songs. In the song, it says: “Show guidance to your Serbs, let everybody see that they are afraid of nobody. Beware Croats, beware Turks.”

The names written by the terrorist are:

Miloš Obilić, Marko Popović, Stefan Lazar, Bajo Pivljanin, Novak Vujosevic, Serban Kantakuzin, Edvard Kodrington, Marko Bragadin.

The one thing they have in common is that they all fought against the Ottomans.

They did not forget the conquest of Istanbul.

They did not forget the Hagia Sophia.

They did not forget the Ottomans.

What about us?

We have long forgotten who we are.

Islamophobes worldwide call Muslims “Turk” and take their revenge in this way. Even if you forget who you are, the enemy will not forget that you are Turkish.

After becoming Muslim, Turks changed both the fate of Islamic history and the flow of world history. They taught the world what justice, rightfulness, rights, law, living together in peace, and civilization means.

Thus, Turkey became the spirit of the world, hope of the oppressed, and nightmare of tyrants.

Western imperialists and their barbaric children know this a lot better than us. Hence, they are aware that unless they bring Turkey to its heels (steer it away from Islam and Islamic civilization claims), their tyrannical order will not last.


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