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The British role in Afghanistan: the Taliban’s arrival, Turkey’s siege, and paving Iran’s path

The Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan. They now rule over the whole country.

The American administration was barely able to withdraw its troops, agents, henchmen, and puppets! America has been shamefaced in front of the whole world! These events are also harbingers of the collapse of the U.S., the superpower that rules our world.

When we look carefully at how the pullout was executed and the country abandoned to the Taliban, this should come as no surprise.


America, the face of civilized barbarity!

The U.S. is a civilized barbaric superpower that, after etching the footage of the events of 9/11 into our brains, lets desperate people stampede toward a plane that is about to take off and cling to its wings, only to fall to their death after it flies away. 

The U.S.’s despicable and primitive “discard after use” mindset was on full display when those who viewed Washington as a beacon of hope were left to their fate and turned into fodder for laughs on tasteless t-shirts produced to mark the occasion. 

This does not only prove that America is a soulless example of an all-encompassing civilization that is supposed to be a model for humanity to emulate, but of a civilized barbarism that has dragged humanity to the brink of disaster and damnation.

The U.S. has nothing to offer the world. We see that America turns into hell, enslaves, and castrates every region it enters under the pretext of "bringing freedom."

America is not invincible!

So what is going on in Afghanistan, and what will become of the country?

This is not a question that can be answered lightly. One would need to be acutely aware of the events before developing a deep-rooted and solid philosophy of history that can ascertain what kind of future awaits the world, the region, and Afghanistan in the long run. However, it is an arduous task to find a well-versed person capable of conducting an in-depth reading and analysis of these events.

Here I will try my best to do an impromptu analysis for your benefit.

First of all, it is necessary to remove the "epaulets" of those professors portrayed as strategists on television! Epaulet, I said, because they do nothing but toot the horn of the masters of the global order!

America is not invincible! You need to engrave this into your head first! It was disgraced in Vietnam, and its social structure suffered decades of trauma. Its political institutions have also suffered greatly as a result.

Were the Soviets defeated in Afghanistan? They were defeated and devastated by the mujahideen. Of course, with the support of other countries, especially America.

Now, wasn’t America dealt a great blow in Afghanistan? And boy, what a blow! Their image really took a hit!

But at the end of the day, they handed over Afghanistan to the Taliban and made binding agreements on their way out.

The role of the Brits

There’s a fact that we’re all unaware of: The British are behind what transpired in Afghanistan. I think the Taliban administration struck a deal with them. Note that the most important indicators of this are that the Saudis, the UAE, and, of course, Pakistan have maintained direct ties with the Taliban and announced that they will immediately support their administration.

Because none of these countries can put a toe out of line without the Brits knowing; they simply cannot! All of them are at the U.K.’s beck and call.

I think the secret puppeteer behind the installation of the Taliban in Afghanistan is the unseen, embedded, silent, and meddling British hands that have shaped the region for two centuries.

The goal of the British puppet master’s strategy is to weaken Turkey, the greatest founder, and protector of the backbone of Ahl al-Sunnah and the wealth of Sufi knowledge, and decommission it as the sole power that shapes the future of the region in particular and the Muslim world in general.

Sieging Turkey and paving the way for Iran… 

That is why the British dealt a great blow to the Sunni and mystical knowledge and spirit that we represent, by inventing Wahhabism two centuries ago. The invention of Wahhabism is an effort to revive its offshoot logic and gradually embed it into the Muslim world. Furthermore, the backbone of the Sunni and Sufi spirit that would facilitate the collapse of the Ottoman Empire was destroyed through Wahhabism.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban may have been cooked up to articulate the Sunni (Hanafi-Maturidi) vein to the Wahhabi/Salafi offshoot logic and to subvert it from within.

In addition, the Taliban's adoption of a theo-political strategy that will follow an Iranian line may result in Turkey being thwarted and clearing the path for Iran to prevail. The outcome might even be worse than that.

Imperialists think big and play big

We, on the other hand, as the country's academia and intelligentsia, do not possess the depth needed to grasp the game of chess being played. Nevertheless, we have the administration, staff, and experience necessary to recognize this ploy for what it is and take the unexpected steps needed to foil it.

Therefore, to prevent Turkey from being besieged once again through Afghanistan, and no matter how low-key our role may seem, it is crucial for Turkey to maintain an active presence in Afghanistan and deepen its position and role to benefit the future and security of our country and region.  

We should know this: Afghanistan is where Turkey's security borders begin. If we can do in Afghanistan what we did in Libya, God willing, we will foil this tricky ploy as well.


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