The aim of July 15: To break the backbone of religious movements and Ahlus-Sunnah - YUSUF KAPLAN

The aim of July 15: To break the backbone of religious movements and Ahlus-Sunnah

The July 15 attack is not over, it still continues at full speed. 
The primary objective of the July 15 attack is, to specifically distance religious movements from the life of Muslim communities, and, generally, to break the backbone of the millennium-old Ahlus-Sunnah.
Those who put a target on religious movements have now renewed their strategies: they are going to get Muslim communities to battle each other. 
It has been a year, but the burning truth we are still unable to see is that the July 15 attack is not a local attack presenting a parallel state threat, but an extremely dangerous global attack aiming at inventing parallel religions, forever renewing its strategy. 
 The July 15 attack: Revenge of a thousand years
July 15 is a historic attack. It is an attack to drive Turkey away from this territory, to turn it into a graveyard for the loyal children of this country, who shaped these lands with the blood of martyrs, who keep it alive and standing upright with truth and justice. 
July 15 is an attack to avenge 1071. 
July 15 is an attack to take the revenge of 1453. 
July 15 is the attack to pass through the impervious Çanakkale. 
July 15 is a multidirectional attack developed to prevent the revival of the most universal and perfect civilization experience and spirit developed by humanity, an attack on the spirit that was shaped by the Ahlus-Sunnah backbone, the soul that was formed by our experience of wisdom that conquered hearts, that transformed not only the Muslim world but three continents, into a land of justice, peace and brotherhood, which we built in the last millennium through so much suffering, so much struggle, with our lives, our blood, our heart and soul, that could not be overcome, that could not be understood and could not be understood because it could not be overcome.
Not a parallel state threat, a parallel religion threat
In other words, July 15 is an attack to invent two parallel religions that will destroy the Ahlus-Sunnah order we have been establishing this past millennium and replace it with a neo-salafi and khawarij mentality based on the protestanizing Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ) deviate that will debilitate Islam and produce hormone-injected Muslims.
The July 15 attack is not a parallel state threat but a parallel religion threat.
The real issue is the transformation of religion, the destruction of the spirit, principles and fundamentals of Islam, which will make history again; it is an attack leading to fossilization and burying it into history, just like the debilitation of Hinduism, Confucianism, Zen, Shintoism and Buddhism.
The treachery of February 28 
February 28 put Islam on the target board under the the guise of reaction and, attacked Islamic awareness, its identity and practices of this community.
This was the biggest form of treachery against this community, against this country.
Think about it… The global system employs fighting Islam – with the excuse of fighting terrorism – as a global strategy, and you destroy the sole adhesive that will keep the community standing, the sole source, the community’s only supra-identity, its reason for being, the Islamic identity and backbone in this country, an “imperial” remnant where more than 30 ethnic elements are alive.
The elimination of the Islamic supra-identity led to the strengthening of the secular identity – which irritates ethnic identities – and the ethnic identity to be risen to the level of supra-identity, and eventually dragged Turkey to the verge of a major ethnic division.
Had Islamic identity and awareness be strengthened rather than the secular identity, at a time when the global system is fighting Islam, at a time of destruction in which state nations are being divided into ethnic parts, Turkey would not have been dragged to the brink of hell for almost half a century.
February 28 was a huge betrayal. 

It had aimed to weaken this community’s Islamic identity and awareness, and divide the country through ethnic identities. It succeeded too. It exhausted us and cost a lot.
Why were religious movements targeted by the July 15 attack?

The July 15 attack is an attack on the source of the spiritual roots representing the thousand-year Islamic backbone of a community, on religious movements, on tasawwuf and religious orders.
Religious movements have radical problems; religious movements, politics, trade and religious orders can’t be stopped. Religious movements have turned into passionless NGOs chasing tenders in Ankara. They abandoned the community and have taken up politics and trade as their home and profession.
Despite all these shortcomings, if you pull religious movements out of this community’s life, there will be nothing left of Islam in this country in less than a generation.
The July 15 attack is an attack on religious movements.
FETÖ is not a religious movement and cannot be one either.

A network that extorts, fabricates, makes video recordings, that bribes, defrauds, that works as a tool of global powers, that shoots at its own country and people, cannot be a religious movement – at most, it can be a tool organization. 
Associating other religious movements with FETÖ is a plot. What they are trying to do is to distance all Muslim communities of the country from the state. This is a form of suicide. The matter is to look at qualifications, at quality.
The global system’s post-modern war with Islam
Please see the big picture.

After the end of the Cold War, for the past quarter century, the global system has been acting like it has been fighting terrorism, when in fact it is fighting Islam through post-modern sly/cynical methods. Will Cleas, NATO’s secretary general of the time personally declares that the global system is fighting Islam, saying, “The greatest threat standing in front of the global system is Islam.”
They determined three primary objectives:
First, to associate Islam with terrorism to stop its rapid spread that is observed in the West – especially among intellectuals.
Second, to ensure that Westerners, that the entire world and especially Muslim masses, hate Islam.
Third, inventing two parallel religions in the Muslims world, based on the khawarij and a protestant mentality, ensuring Islam is destroyed internally, collapsed and fossilized.
Hence,  Islam was firstly indirectly laid on the target board through association with terrorism. Then, for the last four to five years, religious movements have been turned into direct targets.
The most frightening example of this is a global religious movement like the Muslim Brotherhood, the second largest backbone of Ahlus-Sunnah, a global religious movement that has nothing to do with terrorism, which has vowed not to use weapons and used their chests as a shield against Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi’s soldiers, declared a terrorist.
For two centuries, Muslims have been experiencing the second major civilization crisis in their very skin.
During these two centuries, it was the religious movements that kept Muslims standing, not states.
Again, during this two-century period, it was religious movements and particularly tasawwuf communities that stood up against the colonialists – from Shaykh Shamil to Senusi.
The July 15 attack is the commencement of the global attack by the global system to remove, in general Islam, and specifically Ahlus-Sunnah movements, from the lives of Muslim communities, then to make it entirely ineffective in order to eliminate it. The conclusion of this took place as the Muslim Brotherhood was put on the target board in the entire Arab world.
In short, Turkey is the founder and protector of the millennium-old Ahlus-Sunnah. The Ahlus-Sunnah order we established a millennium ago is being destroyed, and in its place, fake religions based on the khawarij mentality, aimed at protestanizing Islam, distancing it from life, are being invented and established.
Next up is their plan to pit Muslin communities against each other.
Let us hold on tightly to our sagacity.
By the grace of God this plan too will be thwarted if we strengthen our virtues rather than our weaknesses.


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