Only Turkey can break the dirty 'mind games' of the evil powers! - YUSUF KAPLAN

Only Turkey can break the dirty 'mind games' of the evil powers!

Only Turkey can break the dirty “mind games” of the evil powers!

First of all, an aphorism – which I've also shared on social media – that summarizes all our experiences and reveals the bigger picture;

Senior Mind: Brits.

Associate Mind: Israel – US – EU – Russia – China.

Subcontractor Mind: Iran.

Tool Mind: Organizations and their networks.

Mindless Mind: Financer Saudi Arabia.

Target: Having Muslims kill each other! Re-scratch the borders of the Islam world!

Three fundamental targets!

Both Turkey and the Islam world are going through a quite dangerous and difficult process. Then, what is the objective?

In summary, the objective in the short-term is; to drag AK Party towards a coalition with CHP!

In the medium term; to liquidate Erdoğan!

In the long run; to stop the last castle, Turkey!

Beware of dogmatic, intellectual and political seditions!

If we are to broach it; to provoke the ethnic and sect borders first! Then, to have those elements destroy each other! Then, to pave the way for Iran by saying “Go for it!” and split the Islam World right into two by collapsing the Sunnah Spine!

The objective is; to bring the Muslim communities to the edge of sedition and trickery, which will prevent those communities from recovering and becoming integrated, then toss them inside a big dogmatic, intellectual and political dead-end/hole, by means of opening His Holiness, his sayings and the sects to discussion, by using, provoking and clearing the way for the megalomaniac, visionless and selfish people and flows, and thus to ensure that those communities go at each other!

Honestly, the danger is great! Thus, I'm underlining my following statement;

“You should come to your senses! You shouldn't be deceived by the games of evil powers and their pawns! You shouldn't allow the evil forces and their networks succeed in their plans against the Last Castle Turkey and Islam, which will not surrender to the global system!

Only Turkey can spoil this game!

Thus, you should know this and let it be a word of advice;

The only country that can break this set up is; Turkey!

That's why they're performing the whole ruse around us and fighting in order to encircle and bring down Turkey!

No surrender! No mistakes! If the evil powers and their networks are making a move, then, we are required to make a move and find ways to spoil their games!

Thus, they are trying to bring us to the edge of sedition-trickery with almost no return, throw suspicion on the matter of Islam's essential resources, scratch the ethnic and sect borders, and destroy the bases of our brotherhood!

This is a great game! Only Turkey can spoil it!

AK Party is being pushed towards a coalition with CHP; Turkey is being designed from the outside!

An eerie massacre has been experienced in Suruç; 33 youngsters lost their lives. What's this? How should we interpret it?

Like this; the ISIL – PYD conflict is being moved to Turkey! Turkey is being designed by global forces through organizations!

Thus, AK Party is being pushed towards a coalition with CHP! Recently, why did England's Ambassador in Ankara, visit CHP and make a statement like “Is the coalition with CHP compulsory”? What's it to you, sneaky man?

This is the objective! In other words, to obligate AK Party to form a coalition with CHP and drag Turkey to the dark 90s, and to the verge of chaos and internal conflict!

We have to be vigilant! This is a great set up! Becareful!

AK Party-CHP coalition will drag Turkey towards disaster!

An AK Party-CHP coalition will make Turkey introverted, throw it in the middle of barren internal conflicts and disputes; subject Turkey to the West in every aspect and narrow its vision; and drag us to the verge of endless chaos and great calamities we cannot cope with!

We've watched this scary movie in the 90s!

A strong rulership, which examined the early election option properly, will be formed of honest, idealist and visionary personnel that are equipped with Islamic worries!

CHP is saying that a 4-year coalition is a must! Then, what does that mean? It amounts to ending Erdoğan and AK Party, and dragging the country back to the dark 90s!

Great births are the children of great pains!

However, let's not forget that every cloud has a silver lining; what we've known as evil can be good and vice versa.

Great births are always painful. There is no birth without pain. A painless birth will bring pain in the end.

Great births are children of great crises. Crises are both tests and opportunities;. the test and opportunity of renewal and shaking off.

Let's not lower our hopes. Let's just do our thing. Let's especially look after younger generations that are rapidly dissolving.

They are fighting against Islam!

Know this; evil global powers are fighting against Islam! This war of Islam against Islam!

They are paving the way for Iran. They are ending the Muslim Brotherhood in the whole Arab world! They are destroying the Islamic identity of the Kurds! They are hitting the last castle Turkey!

A great war is happening! This is the postmodern war against Islam that started after the 2001 Twin Towers set up!

In order to convince people about “malaria” (to a twisted Islam understanding that creates “hormone-injected” / secularized Muslims who became Protestants and doesn't object to the global capitalist system) by presenting “death” (ISIL) or the forces that shows the right and hit with the left (the ones that are actually attacking Islam over ISIL by bringing forth terrorism/ISIL), they are fighting against Islam with sneaky postmodern methods!



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