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Notes from Thailand with Ramadan Spirit

The Muslims'' honor, one of the most pleasant and beautiful works in the last century, the Turkish NGO IHH ( Human Relief Foundation) is extending a helping hand to the oppressed in all parts of the world during this Ramadan, too.


This year, I am going to join an IHH aid team of six persons to help Muslims, particularly orphans in the district of Pattani in Thailand. In our team, I have my dear brother Yusuf Armagan, a man of heart and whose heart beats for the Muslims of the world. Our team leader is Vakar Necmettin as one of the most brilliant employees of IHH. Another one is Süleyman Tunç, the sharp and young correspondent of Ülke TV and my other brothers respectively Bülent Altay from Niksar, Veli Malkir from KONYA IHH.


Our visit in Thailand will last for a week. Our current stop is the Saleheyyah Deeneyyah School in the region of Chana. The school has a 1700-student capacity, is large and clean. The architecture of the school, its playing fields and classrooms are designed according to the Islamic architecture of Thailand.

The Saleheyyah Deeneyyah School also has a section for orphans: Hence, IHH is supporting these orphans with Ramadan aid. It is taking care of the kids and families and helping them with their problems. The people in the school administration are golden-hearted people, wonderful Muslims. I will tell you more about the school and Muslims here later.

A horrific story of immigration in Thailand that raises my hair.

In the first place, I would like to share the bitter but pleasant stories of our Turkish-origin Muslim brothers'' story of who deeply affected us and marked our visit in Thailand (Due to confidentiality reasons, I cannot divulge the state names as of their country location.)

In the Pattani region in Thailand, we visited our ethnically Turkish brothers, who had to flee from a dreadful oppression which knew no limits in countries where they had been treated as slaves and which has been going on for a half century. We delivered the Ramadan aid of IHH to them. Our brothers altogether with kids, old and young people in masses came to Pattani after passing through dense woods and climbing up mountains.

As the IHH team, we visited our brothers at the Padang Besar Immigration Center. Pattani Muslims who were struggling with many problems still welcomed their Turkish brothers and never held back on their hospitality for a moment.

The plight of our Turkish brothers is urgent. As I said earlier, I will not reveal the name of their country. Turkey has to deal with the problems of these ethnically Turkish brothers of ours before it is too late.

I have no doubt that both Prime Minister Mr. Erdogan and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Davutoglu will show their utmost attention to the problems of these people.

The Pattani leader who prayed for Erdogan expects a prayer in turn

At this part of my article, I want to share a pleasant story, the story of Salih Abdurrahman with you.

Haji Muhammad Salih Abdurrahman is a Pattani madrasa scholar. He is one of the Muslim leaders who prayed with tearful eyes for Turkey and Prime Minister Erdogan: ''Tayyip Erdogan always supported Muslims in every part of the world. He gave his helping hand to Syrian Muslims. He dealt with the problems of Pattani Muslims. May God never cease giving help to him and Turkey.''

I visited him at the hospital. He is being treated for Alzheimer''s in the intensive unit. As soon as he saw us, his eyes shone and he became speechlessly happy. He could only say, ''Please send my greetings to Turkey and the PM. Our prayers are with you.'' He cannot use his tongue, but his hands, eyes and hearts tell us nothing but rejoice. That''s why he is expecting prayers from his Turkish brothers. Meanwhile, Mr. Abdurrahman''s wife, Miss Hanifa also asked us to send her heartfelt greetings to the Prime Minister, his wife Emine Erdogan and all of Turkey. She said, ''We have a madrasa under construction and a half constructed mosque. If you help us with these, we will be very happy''. In short, the attention Erdogan receives from Pattani Muslims is not just a coincidence. In our experience, Pattani Muslims tell us that is ''because Pattani Muslims expect help from Turkey alone.''


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