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Never without the Islamic intellectual backbone

If it is those who exploit unrest and disorder and who attempt to adjust others – disregarding another's due rights – that make a mark, determine the agenda, line and operation for a country, rather than intellectuals that will broaden the horizon, know that the alarm bells have already started ringing there.

Yet, history rises on the wings of strong and deep-rooted ideologies which a price has been paid for; which have grown with suffering; which are able to present different views and develop deep perspectives.

Movements that change the course of history, broaden humanity's horizon, and give hope are actions that are based on strong ideological foundations.

Any action that lack strong and deep-rooted ideological foundations will have no future, nor options to offer a future.

Turkey's tragedy: Fertile land, barren country

Ideology has finished in Turkey. When ideology finished, art too was put out. Life has turned into an arena of clashes of interest and wars of power, in which character assassinations have become normalized, and fundamental existential values have been corroded.

Our dramatic story, which we have been living for almost a century and is dominated by infinite senselessness, our tragic state which has turned in to a comedy, presents such a view.

Turkey resembles a barren country. The land is fertile, but the country is barren: This is how Turkey's tragedy can by described in a nutshell.

Western modernity's aggressive challenge

The secular/pagan challenge developed by Western modernity through intellectual, political and economic revolutions tore the world into shreds: the destructive challenge of modernity wiped out the reason for existence / the mentality and ground for existence of all civilizations that made great contributions in every area in the history of humanity, from the Chinese civilization to the Islamic civilization, from the Indian civilization to the Latin American civilization,

This aggressive challenge by modernity also deeply shook the Ottoman Empire, the most perfect example and final representative of Islamic civilization; it distanced the body of the Ottoman Empire from history, but it could not destroy its spirit.

This is why by the time the constitutional periods were reached, a spectacular ideological experience emerged: Trends such as Ottomanism, Islamism, Turkism and Westernism, which have important and strong representatives, emerged.

Elimination of strong and deep-rooted Islamic rhetoric and formations

When the Ottoman Empire was stopped, Ottomanism too, naturally ended.

The Republic eliminated Islamism, one of the strongest and most deep-rooted movements of the constitutional eras: It entirely rejected the amazing Islamist ideology developed from Ahmed Cevdet Pasha to Said Halim Pasha, Mustafa Sabri Efendi to Kevsiye, from Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır to Bediüzzaman Said Nursi, from Mehmet Akif Ersoy to Filibeli Ahmed Hamdi and Babanzade; it condemned the names of these idealogues, intellectuals, artists to non-existence.

Turkey assumed a journey through a Westernism seasoned with a touch of Turkism whose Islamic roots were entirely dried out: This was a journey of changing civilizations and self-denial that would have heavy consequences and which has never before been seen in history.

Turkey's being dragged in to existential suicide

The secular Turkey showed the carelessness of resetting the society's Islamic spirit in its roots, memory and experiences.
This meant Turkey was attempting to swim in dangerous waters and that it was drawing its own end.

Turkey was losing its spiritual roots and hence, was being dragged to the verge of existential suicide.

Yet, the reason for the existence of this society was Islam. The sole fertile source that made it possible for this community to make history, to undertake a journey that would change the course of history, was Islam.

Once Islam was lost, it would not be possible to win anything. What's even more critical is that along with the secular identity – that was formed with the elimination of the Islamic state from all founding institutions and the people remaining from the “empire” gathering here – being imposed upon the people in Turkey as the sole defining identity, the country would be dragged to the brink of division through ethnic, platonic and simulative (shallow, fake and superficial) identities that emerged as an unavoidable result of the weakening of the Islamic superordinate identity and sensitivities and the country's secularization and it would become very difficult to continue even its current existence.

All the military coups that took place throughout Republican history were all attacks to stop the Islamic backbone, identity and sensitivities from becoming stronger. These coups were attempts to eliminate the Islamic backbone that was oppressed in secular Turkey, but unavoidably became strong.

Let us not forget that the lords of the global system were behind these coups.

Not without a strong and deep-rooted Islamic intellectual backbone

At the point reached, there is talk of a dangerous “project” like “the elimination of Islamic discourse, formations” going around.

In a period which a government from Islamic roots is the strongest, as a matter of fact, in a timeframe in which Turkey has started to be seen as a ray of hope in the geography of civilization, because it lays claim to this very Islamic spirit roots, it would be astonishing to think that it would allow such a thing.

The point I want to make here is critical: In the case that the Islamic intellectual backbone in Turkey plays a determining role in shaping the future of the country, the ideological foundations of Turkey's undertaking a walk of civilization could be laid in the medium and long-term.

All kinds of intellectual formations that may contribute to Turkey's fight for independence and future deserve to be taken seriously. However, the sole intellectual discourse that can provide a response to this struggle in the region of our civilization can only be the Islamic intellectual backbone.

Our path can be paved only by those men of truth whose sole care is the truth

Those who merely gossip, exploit unrest and disorder, who make calls to eliminate the long-suffering representatives of this country's millennia-old Islamic experience attempting to shape the course of the country will drag us to the brink of major dead ends.

In order for Turkey to be able to undertake a long-haul journey of civilization that can pave the way both for our country and region, it must be able to activate the Islamic intellectual backbone that lives in this world, but does not live this world.

The seeds of Turkey for the next century can be sown in a decade only by the men of truth whose sole care is the truth; the sacrificing, loyal and hardworking leading generations who have a deep understanding of the country, region and world's problems; who feel the responsibility of humanity on their shoulders; who form this country's Islamic intellectual backbone, not these shallow people who gossip, cause unrest and disorder; who fight to eliminate everyone that stands against them, throwing us off our actual existential agenda.

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