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Lifeless people, people without lives

Disintegration of time; the result of the second industrial revolution, which we also call the Electronic Revolution.

From Voice to Display, Colonialism to Schizophrenia and Paranoia…

Musicologist Murray Schafer, makes a direct connection between colonialism and the mentality world that gives birth to colonialism, after the voice had become electronically / artificially producible and controllable following the Electronic Revolution.

And he points out that after the voice had become electronically / artificially producible and controllable, this had made humans schizophrenic.

Now we are living in the virtual era: in a virtual era, in which display and image can be electronically produced, controlled and shatterable.

The question is: If the disintegration of the voice, which is produced electronically, makes people schizophrenic, then what does the integration of the display / image, which are produced electronically, turn a human into? Of course, a paranoiac. At least hysteric.

Gallery of Plastic People

What we are experiencing is not life. Life had already "ended": We are no longer able to live our lives: We are living "something" that is presented to us as life. The media universe is deceiving us with media lives, seducing us and enslaving us to lifelessness, meaning plasticity and soullessness. To virtual and face lives. To the charm of seduction, that banishes the reality from life and kills the life.

Our lives are virtual and fake under two points: Firstly, because we are living in a media universe that tidies up our lives in every aspect, and since we are living with the media, our lives are virtual, fake and mechanic. Our life has no spirit.

Secondly, since reality had withdrawn from life, it"s fake, shadow, imitation caricature is tidying our lives. Thus, humans are banished from life and banish life from themselves. Lifeless people and lives without people are dominating our lives.

We are living the lifelessness, rather than real life or our lives. We cannot taste life; we cannot touch life. Thus, the life we are living is unable to add meaning and life to our lives. It"s not blowing spirit into us; thus, it destroys our and life"s spirit.

Sin of Permissible: Annihilating Permissible

Life is dead: it"s dead because we killed reality and lost it. Because of this, clones and clowns are gadding about!

Life is full of post-modern people, who are selfish, hysteric, cynical, two faced, image minded, power minded, lust minded and who even ward off the permissible concept from our lives by making everything permissible and thus making it a favorite coin.

These types of people, are trying to make us forcefully laugh and entertain us and meanwhile make us forget about death, which is the rule of existence and sole source, by various weird mimicries and various acts on media lives and "advertisements"….

Note: This article, is a small part of my article that would be published in the August copy of Genç Dergi.



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