Iran is an excuse; the target is Turkey! - YUSUF KAPLAN

Iran is an excuse; the target is Turkey!

The global system is aware of the fact that it can only continue its existence and hegemony over the globe when it is able to disable Turkey in the region.

Hence, it is following a multilateral, complex siege and isolation strategy implemented both domestically and from abroad in multiple fronts.

Therefore, after this hour, we don’t have the luxury to make big mistakes and not see the traps.

Multilateral siege

Plans to siege and isolate Turkey are going to increase in the upcoming period. The important steps taken by Turkey in the defense industry, its multilateral initiations after the Euphrates Shield operation on both the field and in diplomacy, are enough to infuriate the lords of the global system.

It is for these reasons that Turkey is face to face with a multilateral siege.

There seems to be intense steps taken to reverse the complaisance in Arab communities for Turkey in recent months. All evil methods are tried to turn not only the "Arab streets", but the entire Arab world against Turkey.

One of these steps was revealed with a secret meeting held in the Gulf.

The article titled, "Secret Israel, Saudi, UAE meeting takes aim at Turkey,” published in Yeni Şafak the previous day was about this critical meeting, but for some reason it did not draw much attention. Yet, this report offers us critical clues that reveals the kind of plots the global system is pursuing in critical matters such as relations between Turkey and the Arab world, relations between Turkey and ran, and relations between Turkey and the Western alliance.

Iran is an excuse, the target is turkey!

During this secret meeting held somewhere in the Gulf, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt and Israel's intelligence officials decide to call the Syria administration to the Arab Union.

This is what you call making a fool of both the Arab world and the world.

Do you remember Syria after it has been finished off and turned to hell?

These are vile, complex and disgusting relations.

The details of this meeting, in which Mossad's intelligence chief obviously played a key role, reported in the London-based website Middle East Eye, is also very interesting.

I would also like to draw your attention particularly to the emphasis by Mossad chief Yossi Cohen in the meeting that, "the real dangerous country" in the region is not Iran but Turkey.

I have been saying it from the beginning: Iran owes its existence to Israel, and Israel owes its existence to Iran.

Imperialists are making two-century-long strategic plans.

One of the most important strategies of imperialists is, under any circumstance, to pave the way for Iran and hence split the Muslim world's backbone in half, and hence make sure that Turkey is not a determining factor in the shaping of the region.

Imperialists planned numerous coups in Turkey since the revolution happened in Iran, but they did nothing other than just falter about Iran. They sent off Mohamed Morsi in Egypt with a coup, but they cleared the way for Iran all the way to Yemen and settled Tehran in the Arabian peninsula.

If you notice, Turkey is face to face with a multilateral siege: they are trying every way to ruin relations between Turkey and Iran.

Imperialists may be paving the way for Iran, but Turkey should not ruin its relations with Tehran. It should never fully trust it, but it should strengthen its bilateral relations and thus, avoid pushing Iran into the lap of the West, prevent it from being lured by the West.

'Arab front against Turkey' threat

Meanwhile, they want to end relations between Turkey and the Arab world, and what's more, they want to pit the Arab world against it, building an Arab front against Turkey.

The strategy Turkey needs to follow here should be to break the strategy to build an Arab front against it, to negate this strategy.

To achieve this, it should reveal, in both the Gulf countries and the Arab region spanning Sudan and Morocco, how the puppet countries led especially by Saudi Arabia and the UAE - which are used freely by imperialists - are behind atrocities that will drag both the Arab world and the Muslim world in general to the verge of hell, .

Never without public diplomacy

Maximum effort should be made to increase the number of allies in the Arab world and this plot should be first thwarted inside the Arab world.

Of course, public diplomacy constitutes one of the most important steps among all these. This is where Turkey is weakest. Turkey needs to make major and critical preparations with respect to this matter.

Because the battle lost in media means losing the battle won on the field too.


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