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If Turkey’s Muslim backbone collapses, so will Turkey!

I had ended my article Friday with the following, “The question we need to dwell on is not why we lost politically; it is the burning reality of why we failed to see the fact that by winning politically, we are losing spiritually.”

The Justice and Development (AK) Party was founded as a centrist party. It came into our lives politically as an anti-establishment or anti-status quo party, but despite dealing a great blow to the oligarchic structure, it was transformed by the system.

The AK Party thus estranged – and as a matter of fact, it significantly lost – the base that made it what it is.

Muslim backbone is Turkey’s past, present and future

The backbone forming the AK Party’s base is this community’s Muslim backbone. Of course, this Muslim backbone, whose extensions also flow outside the AK Party, but gather and crystallize in the AK Party, does not consist merely of itself or of the present.

The Muslim backbone is the representative of this country’s past and the harbinger of its future. In other words, it is a backbone that has a historical obligation, that breathes with the awareness of fulfilling a historical obligation, that encompasses the past and future, and hence spans the past and future.

I will underline once again: This community’s Muslim backbone is not limited to the AK Party alone; it is the biggest share of this community that is spread throughout all the parties in our country at this or that rate.

Yet, we can easily say that as they form the bases of a strong ruling party, the backbone that somewhat has a civilization perspective of the world and somewhat offers a civilization idea is the backbone largely present in the AK Party.

Of course, the degree to which this backbone fulfills its mission is open to debate.

There is no need to recall that I see certain other “conservative” formations, primarily the Felicity Party (SP), as part of this backbone, but I feel the need to namedrop in the name of being just.

Home of modern pagansim: Modern Structures

The Muslim backbone is this community’s past, present and future.

Secular sociological structures are at least as much an inseparable part of this community as the Muslim backbone, and their rights can never even be questioned.

However, secular structures solely correspond to the present in this community; as secularism, secular ideologies have been imported from the West, it has no history in this community, and hence its future is uncertain.

Secularism is modern paganism. The Western civilization is a pagan civilization. Secularism is the backbone of the modernity of the Western civilization that deifies the human.

Today, modernity has evolved in to post-modernity, which produces a nihilism dead-end in deism and atheism, which exclude both the human and God, and brought humanity to the verge of a chaotic disaster.

Both humans and the world’s future is in danger.

Of course, secularism is not this community’s backbone. This community’s backbone, spirit, essence, greatest common denominator and sole insurance is Islam.

Shaking of the tenets of faith, shattering of the family

I would like to briefly summarize the most fundamental reasons behind the estrangement of the Muslim backbone forming the AK Party’s base from the AK Party.

The family and women policies the AK Party developed together with various nongovernmental organizations through EU compliance laws, the damned deal called the Istanbul Agreement, led the family institution to shatter greatly; divorce rates multiplied in the last five years; rapes, all sorts of violence and murder incidents escalated.

Second, this community is largely a member of the Ahlussunnah faith, and is also a community that has not caused serious problems with different schools of thought (madhhabs) and religious faiths.

Certain conscious and unconscious attempts by some theologists on television channels to shake the faith of the community has led to great fluctuations in the community, leading the community’s Muslim base to question, “Where are we being led?”

The point we have reached is terrifying: According to a 2017 study by the MAK research company, the rate of those in this community that do not believe in God is 14 percent.

This really is terrifying.

Of course, everybody is free to believe or not.

What I am saying is that the children of a community that has bore the flag of Islam for almost a millennium being dragged to atheism at a time when Muslims are in power is terrifying.

I wrote about a decade ago – and on many occasions too – that the atheism threat is rapidly taking root in the community.

I have been crying out through my articles here for almost a decade that unless we pull ourselves together, in a generation’s timeframe, Islam may become the religion of minorities in this community.

But nobody is paying attention. On the contrary, I am constantly encountering careless reactions such as, “Don’t exaggerate teacher, don’t act like a doom monger.”

At a time when religious movements were dealt a hard blow, educational institutes were completely secularized, the world of culture, the media waged a war against the community’s values, how will this community protect its faith, which is its past, present and future? Tell me.

Therefore, I am saying that if Turkey’s Muslim backbone collapses, so will Turkey.

I am going to continue to discuss this matter tomorrow by contemplating on short-, medium- and long-term ways out.


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