Humanity's greatest problem: The West's attack and invasion of minds - YUSUF KAPLAN

Humanity's greatest problem: The West's attack and invasion of minds

The world is going through a extensive chaos and disaster.

Invasions, massacres, civil wars do not seem to end.

The invasions, massacres and civil wars are most intense in our geography.

Why is this so?

They managed to fossilize all religions except Islam

Because the West capitalized the world and brought it down to its knees.

They silenced and destroyed all civilizations.

They made Japan, China and India capitalist countries, likening them to themselves. They hypnotized them, took them down and destroyed them.

What's more is, they not only destroyed Japan, China and India, they also castrated and fossilized Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Taoism and Shintoism. Hence, they weakened and destroyed all great Eastern forces both physically and spiritually.

The West did the same to the Muslim world, even if partially. They invaded the Muslim world and enslaved it for two centuries.

They drew maps of the Muslim world, invented deep problems and have been making adjustments to the Muslim world through their remotely-controlled dictators, who they placed in the Muslim world for the last half a century.

This process is one that is going to continue to a certain extent, then end after a certain point; the West knows this the best.

But there was one thing the West could not achieve: They enslaved the Muslim world, but failed to apply the castration they applied to Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism to Islam. They could not transform Islam or fossilize it and bring it to its knees.

This is why they are going crazy and putting up an incredible fight to castrate Islam, to fossilize it and bring it to its knees - and in multiple fronts at once.

The way to bring Islam to its knees: Inventing parallel religions to destroy from within

The West knows one thing very well: If Islam cannot be fossilized, brought to its knees and made to submit like Eastern religions, Islam can never be stopped from recovering the Muslim world, starting another deep-rooted civilization movement and Islam; hence, Muslims can never be prevented from making the history of humanity once again.

Thus, as I stressed earlier, they are inventing parallel religions to castrate Islam.

On the one hand, they are trying to make the world hate Islam and distance the Muslim world from Islam by inventing a parallel religion based on the khawarij mentality through Wahhabism and Salafism – which they have dragged into violence – and forming the equation that Islam equals terrorism.

On the other hand, they are struggling to invent an Islam that has been protestantized, tamed, brought to its knees, with its spirit destroyed, its chance to object to injustices and oppression taken away, in brief, an Islam that has been fossilized.

This is why for two centuries – especially the last quarter century – they are developing all strategies to prevent Islam from making a civilization breakthrough that will make history again, this is why they are making extraordinary efforts to introduce into the Muslim world deviant steps, movements and projects that will ruin the Muslim communities' relations with Islam by both tearing apart the Muslim world and messing with Muslims' tenets of faith.

The West is trying to set Muslim communities against one another through deviant formations such as Wahhabism, neo-Salafism and the khawarij mentality on one side and Qadianism and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) on the other side, in efforts to strike a deadly blow to the main Islamic backbone that will enable Muslims to totally get back up on their feet and, hence, to transform and fossilize Islam from within and bring it to its knees, eventually suffocating a great civilization to emerge from among the Muslim world to prevent it from making a confrontation even before it is born.

Why do great Western thinkers see Islam as humanity's only option?

Yet, as openly confessed even by certain great Western thinkers, Islam is the only option for humanity.

This is why great thinker Frederic Nietzsche had cried out something along the lines of, “We should have submitted to Islamic culture, which has greater depth than our culture, rather than to trample it down.”

Hence, Jean Baudrillard, one of the thinkers who best understands our age, had rebelled against Islam being associated with terrorism and turning it into a target by saying, “We are destroying the only option for humanity.”

Arnold Toynbee, who is one of the two great philosophers of history in our age, had also said, “The Ottoman [Empire] is the future of humanity,” in reference to the Ottoman civilization experience revived by Islam.

It is possible to understand why the West is trying to implement all its major strategies to prevent Islam from realizing another civilization movement through Islam and the Muslim world and exclusively through Turkey, by looking at this determination by Toynbee alone.

At a time period in which the West was colonizing the entire world, the Ottomans had developed the formula for the coexistence of different religions, cultures and civilizations, which were not yet found and overcome and built a land of peace at the junction point of three continents that reigned for six centuries.

But the West distanced the Ottomans from history and managed to turn the world into hell within a century.

The issue is that when we come, they are going to leave.

The worst kind of slavery is mental slavery

While first class Western thinkers make such critical determinations regarding Islam, why is it that the intellectuals of this country, who are in love with their executioner, trying to hit Turkey – the last hope of the oppressed – from within and attempting to complain about it to the West instead of protecting our own civilization and figure out how we can start a new civilization movement? Yes, why?

In brief, the West is behind every great existential problem the world faces.

The West is the one that colonizes the world.

The West is the one that has weakened all religions, cultures, civilizations, destroyed and eradicated the ideological grounds to contribute to humanity.

Those who have drawn maps of the world in the post-colonial period, who have invented fake countries, fake nations, fake states, who have raised dictators for the “artificial countries” they supposedly gave “independence” to, who exploited our region through dictators were also the West.

If you fail to see that the modern challenge developed by the West since the Humanism, Renaissance and Reformation periods is, on one side, an ontological attack on God, the truth, humans and nature, and the burning truth that on the other side, it is an attack on humanity that exterminates all religions, cultures, thinking systems and civilizations, you will not be able to fully see or solve any national, regional and global problem.

The bottom line is that the worst kind of slavery is mental slavery, the invasion of minds. You can eliminate physical invasion but not mental invasion; that will destroy you.



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